I. You must be a fan of Bankotsu, if not then whats the point of even being here?

II. You must have a valid email address to join.

III. You are required to also give me a name, and a country.

IV. If you join with a website, be sure to link back to this fanlisting using either a button or a text link. Its sorta a 'you link me, i link you' thing. :)

V. If your website contains any inappropriate material, i will not link back to it but i will still add you.

VI. Please do not join with names like 'B@nK0tSuLu73r' or anything like that. If you do, i will change it to something more suitable if you do.

VII. Absolutely do not direct link the buttons! Save them to your own server, please.

VIII. DO NOT use my codes for anything other than linking to this site! Thank you.

Many thanks for reading! Now go ahead and join!! :)

I do not own Bankotsu, nor do i claim to. Characters, images, and anything else are (c) Their respectful owners. This is a non-profit fansite. Please do not take any of my content without asking first.