Inu Yasha

The story of Inu Yasha begins in the feudal era of Japan. The series begins with the half demon Inuyasha stealing the shikon jewel or ‘shikon no tama’. The shikon no tama is a jewel that can make its possessor’s strength increase enormously. Inuyasha does not get very far before he is shot down by the priestess Kikyou. She binds him to a tree with a sacred arrow, sealing him there. Kikyou unfortunately, has been wounded and is on the verge of death. Before she dies she tells her younger sister Kaede to burn the shikon jewel along with her body to stop it from falling into evils hands.

The timeline skips to modern Japan. This part of the story begins on the day before the birthday of soon to be 15-year-old Kagome Higurashi. Kagome is chatting with her grandpa while holding a replica of the jewel she asks if he thinks that tourists would really buy them. Her grandpa try’s to explain to her that the replica was based on a ancient magic jewel though Kagome does not pay attention.

She is on her way to school when she notices that her family’s ancient shrine/well’s door was open with her little brother Souta standing in the open doorway. She tells him that he is not allowed to go in there. He explains that he was trying to get their cat Buuyo to come out. Kagome tells him to simply go down and get the cat, but he asks ‘why do I have to go down there?’ Kagome replies telling him its because he’s the one looking for the cat. Finally, Kagome goes into the shrine herself to get the cat. She reaches the bottom of the steps when something brushes against her legs. She screams, obviously startled. Though it really is just the cat. Right after she picks up the cat, the well behind her bursts open. Hands grab her and pull her into the well.

While in the well, Kagome is confronted by a centipede demon that says that Kagome ‘has it’ (meaning the jewel). Kagome is extremely disturbed by this monster and forces it to let go. When Kagome climbs out of the well she is no longer in her family’s shrine. She finds herself in a forest. Baffled, Kagome wanders around the forest she spots a large tree that is located near her house. She gets to the tree, but she does not find her house. Instead she finds Inuyasha, sealed to the tree.

Kagome is confronted by villagers, and is taken back to their village. They believe her to be a demon. The now old Kaede quickly notices that Kagome bears a striking resemblance to her now dead sister, Kikyou. It is quickly learned that Kagome is Kikyou’s reincarnation.

Not much later, the centipede demon attacks again most likely searching for Kagome. Kagome quickly realizes this and runs away from the village trying to lure it away. The demon follows. Kagome ends up back to the spot where Inuyasha was sealed but now he is awake. The demon attacks Kagome, biting her around her waist. When this was done, the shikon jewel came out of her body. Kagome is eventually forced to release Inuyasha from the seal in order for him to kill the demon.

Unfortunately, it seems that the half demon is also after the jewel. Kagome who refuses to hand over the jewel runs off trying to get the jewel away from there. Inuyasha chases after her and tries to kill her, but Kaede casts prayer beads around Inuyasha’s neck so Kagome can stop him. She uses the word ‘Sit’ to do this.

As the jewel attracts more demons, a crow demon ends up eating the jewel, doing this made the demon grew to an enormous size! Kagome ends up shooting an arrow at the demon, killing it but shattering the jewel into lots of little shards!

Kagome and Inuyasha end up having to collect all of the scattered shards trying to restore the jewel to its original form. Along the way the gain many allies such as Shippou the fox demon, Miroku the Monk, and Sango the demon slayer. But they also gain many enemies such as Naraku, Sesshoumaru, and of course the Shichinintai!

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