Hello, and welcome to Shot at Redemption. The TheFanlistings.org approved fanlisting for the comic-book, animated, and movie versions of James 'Bucky' Buchanan Barnes. Bucky is a character of Marvel Comics, and began his existence as the kid-sidekick of Captain America. Bucky through the years, has also been known as The Winter Soldier, and served an amount of time as Captain America. If you happen to be a fan of comic Bucky, please consider joining. Don't know what a fanlisting is? Head on over to that part of the site for an explanation.

This site is a fanlisting, but will function as a small tribute to the character as well. Navigation can be found to your left. The tribute content will obviously be in the 'tribute' section, and the fanlisting content in the 'fanlisting' section. Please note that the tribute section will contain spoilers. The 'site' section contains information such as credits, and fanlisting affiliates. If you have any trouble navigating through the site, feel free to email me and I will fix the problem as soon as possible.


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Site Updates

5/8/2014: The site has been revamped with movie images of Bucky/The Winter Soldier. I rather liked the old version, but Sebastian Stan was just too glorious for me to resist. There is a different set of styles for each section of the site. I originally planned to make skins, but that would not have worked with what I was doing sadly. I will try and get that figured out soon.

5/8/2014: This fanlisting has now been cross-listed into Characters: Book/Movie. So now it covers the movie version of Bucky (played by Sebastian Stan) as well. I already added codes for the animated versions, but I'm working on a second skin and codes for the movie version now. Expect that up by the weekend!

5/7/2014: This fanlisting has been cross-listed into the animation category, and is now approved for all animated incarnations of Bucky! I will try to add some buttons to reflect that later tonight.

4/22/2014: The site is up and running as of today. Please consider joining if you're a fan of Bucky! The tribute section has a brief overview of Bucky's life as Captain America's sidekick right now, but I am actively writing more. Check back soon for more updates!

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