Bucky Barnes

Who is Bucky Barnes? Bucky Barnes born in 1925, he was raised along with his sister Rebecca. Early on, Bucky and Becca lost their Mother and were therefore raised by their Father, who was in the military. After their Mother died, Bucky's Father encouraged him to make things as "normal" as possible for all of their sakes. He needed to wear a "brave face" for his little sister. So while he kept a happy and normal appearance for his family, underneath that mask he was angry and upset. This anger was let out over and over again when Bucky began fighting with other kids his age, much to the disappointment of his Father. He had a hot temper, and was quick to start a fight though, these fights were often instigated by the other kids.

Bucky very much wanted to please his Father, but was unable to stop his violent behavior. Bucky loved his Father dearly, and his Father loved him just as much in return. But they often had to have 'talks' when Bucky would return home with bruises and other injuries. One night after a squabble, Buck's Father was resigned, and simply left for Camp Lehigh without the usual talk. Only stating that he was disappointed in his son. Bucky thought to himself about all of the chores, tasks, and promises he would agree to do and make when his Father returned later that evening, as to never let him be disappointed again. Unfortunately, his Father did not return.

Bucky and Becca lost their Father as the result of an accident at Camp Lehigh in 1937, when Bucky was 12 years old. After their Father's sudden death, it was arranged that Becca would be sent to boarding school and that Bucky would love at Camp Lehigh and be taken care of by his Father's military friends. At that time, he felt very much scared and alone but continued to put on his "brave face" for the sake of his sister. Growing up at Camp Lehigh, Bucky still had a habit of getting into trouble. He would often get into brawls with the soldier, and even got caught trying to drink underage. But during this time he was also being trained in martial arts and combat techniques. It was stated that Bucky had some of the best combat instincts that they had ever seen in a soldier. Eventually, Bucky was selected for a special assignment, which called for his transfer and new training in England.

During his training, he and other soldiers saw a new reel about Captain America. From then onwards during his training, Bucky greatly admired Captain America and often thought about the way he fought during training. Bucky eventually completed his training, but still had no idea what he had been trained for. He later shows of a combat demonstration, and is introduced to Steve Rogers. At this point, he is told what he had been training for. He was to be the kid-sidekick to Captain America.

He was also made to be a mascot, to show America that even kids had the courage and motivation to fight against Nazi Germany. He was a counter point to the Nazi's German youth campaign. He was a mascot to boost moral for the American people. At this point in time, Bucky was 16 years old. Two years younger than the age requirement for joining the army. Bucky's job was to accompany Captain America in the fight against the Nazi's. But sometimes Bucky was tasked with jobs that were deemed 'undesirable' for Captain America. These jobs were essentially dirty work, like assassinations, espionage, or things that the military did not want Captain America to be involved in.

Bucky at this age was by no means the idealistic, moralistic youth that some might expect. But that doesn't mean that he didn't have values, he was just willing to do whatever it took. And in some instances, he was still very naive. At some point in time, Captain America and Bucky partnered up with the Human Torch, and his kid-sidekick Toro. The four of them fought together as 'The Invaders'. Though the team was not limited to the four of them, occasionally other heroes would join in such as Namor, the Sub-Mariner. Amongst this group of heroes, Bucky knew all too well that he was the only member who was just a normal person. Because of that, he got a couple of snide remarks from Namor in particular (who had to save Bucky earlier).

In one storyline, during a mission everyone except Bucky and a few soldiers were kidnapped in an ambush attack by HYDRA. It ended up being the responsibility of Bucky alone to rescue his Invader comrades. He was able to sneak into the base and fine his comrades, who were going to be experimented on. Though he took quite a beating in the process, he was able to release them from their holdings which allowed the Invaders to destroy that particular base of operations. In the process Bucky broke the majority of his ribs, which was pretty tough for him. Namor makes the remark that he should be able to walk, because none of the Invaders would be 'carrying' him anymore. Bucky remarks that this was the closest thing to a compliment he ever got from Namor, but that it had meant the world to him.

Bucky also took on 'missions' that weren't even assigned to him. In one incident while Captian America and the Human Torch are away, Bucky overhears a mission about an undercover agent who had been compromised and needed saving. This agent had major Intel about the plans of the Nazi's / HYDRA. A rescue mission was never assigned or even mentioned officially to Bucky, but he talked Toro into making a rescue mission anyways. Bucky and Toro hijack a Nazi jeep, and Bucky enters the Nazi base with no trouble. He eventually finds and rescues the agent with the help of Toro, but not before discovering the absolute horror of the concentration camp.

Bucky and Toro were alone, so they were not able to help all of the people who were trapped in the camp. Bucky makes a promise to them before leaving though, that they would be back for them. This was a very emotional moment for Bucky, and I think it is the one where he truly discovers the horror and atrocities of war. Bucky and Toro return to camp with the agent, expecting and waiting to be reprimanded and court-martialed by Captain America and the Human Torch when they return. However, when Captain America returns, he simply states that he would have done the exact same thing, and would not allow Bucky to be court-martialed.

The final mission for Captain America and Bucky came towards the end of the war in 1945, when Bucky was 20 years old. They were searching for Nazi Scientist Baron Zemo at that time, who was stealing and copying drone planes. They find him, but are both captured in the process. They were both strapped to a drone that was to be delivered to Berlin, but they both were able to escape before it was launched. However, they chased after it in an attempt to disarm it. They both were able to grab a hold of it, but Bucky was the one closest to the cockpit. Captain America warned that it may be booby-trapped, but Bucky attempted to disarm it anyways, which lead to the drone exploding. This explosion seemingly killed Bucky instantly, and blew off his left arm entirely. Bucky's body, as well as Captain America plunged into the frigid waters of the English Channel. Captain America was eventually recovered, but Bucky's body was never found. Not by the allies, anyways.

Winter Soldier

Bucky's body was removed from the English Channel by Russian scientists. In some versions of this story, he was frozen like Captain America, but still alive under the ice. In other stories however, he was completely dead when they got to him and had to be revived. In both cases his memories as Bucky were lost, and he was molded into an assassin for Russia. However, he did retain his sense memories, such as his combat training. His missing left arm was replaced with a metal one, giving him greater strength. Bucky was used as the Russians secret weapon during the cold war. He often carried out missions such as assassinations, and bombings. This Bucky was known as "The Winter Soldier". He was ruthless, and did whatever it took to complete a mission.

During his time with Russia, Bucky became acquainted with Black Widow (Natalia), with whom he had a romantic relationship with. Bucky himself stated that Natalia had bought out whatever humanity was left of him under the programming, which he considered to be a problem. Their relationship was a problem, and if found out there would have been serious consequences. This led the two of them to sneaking around pretty frequently. While some things vary to vary depending on who is writing, our dear Winter Soldier did retain some of his personality traits. Often joking or teasing Natalia during combat drills. They were both set to teach others combat, though Bucky was particular harsh when it came to teaching (never holding punches during exorcises).

The Winter Soldier was known to be ruthless, and eliminated his targets at all costs. While attempting to snipe target Sergei Anovich, Anovich's daughter runs into the scope and causes Bucky to miss his shot and hit the shoulder. Bucky and Natalia immediately take action, and Natalia takes the young girl away. Bucky then stabs his target through the heart and completes his mission. This instance riled something up in Bucky, however. Bucky was angry he hadn't been told about the child, but his superiors just considered her collateral damage. Bucky was frustrated with the lack of information provided, but ultimately let it drop. But not before shouting in English, which indicated that his programming might have been compromised.

Because of this crack in his system, the Russians began storing Bucky in deep freeze between missions. In another telling of the story, the Winter Soldier had been sent to the United States on a mission. Sometime during the mission the programming also failed, and Bucky failed to show at his extraction site. It took over two weeks before they were able to find him, and return him to Russia. It was at this point they began using him less and less, and kept him stored in deep freeze.

From then on there were no complications until Steve Rogers used the cosmic cube to restore Bucky's true memories.

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