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Shot at Redemption? (spoilers)

You may be wondering why this site is titled "shot at redemption", right? Well, picking a name for a site is something I've always had a little trouble with. This site has been the only exception to that. I knew right away what it had to be. The site is titled "shot at redemption" because that is what Bucky's life is. He was a child that always tried to make his Father proud, but often fell short. When his Father died unexpectedly, there had been an unresolved issue between them. Bucky had thought about what he needed to do to make his Father proud of him again, but was never really given the opportunity. Part of the reason he decided to live at Camp Lehigh after his Father's death was because he looked up to him in such a way.

But he isn't just trying to redeem himself to his Father, it also extends to Steve Roger aka Captain America. After Steve used the cosmic cube to restore Bucky's memories from before he became the Winter Soldier, Bucky was absolutely horrified and guilt-ridden with the crimes he had committed. It is true that this was because of the Russian programming he had received, but Bucky very much blamed himself for these actions, because he could remember every single one. From then on, he devotes himself to doing good for the world again. When Steve Rogers dies on the courthouse steps, Bucky takes up the title of Captain America. Not only did the world need Captain America, but Bucky needed to do something to honor the legacy of Steve Rogers, and to redeem himself from the terrible things he had done in the past.

So, Bucky, now as a character is living and constantly fighting the good fight for redemption of past deeds. This is not to say at ALL, that he doesn't do good for the sake of good. But I believe he feels even more motivated, to make himself and atone for past crimes. And by being given back his memory, I do believe Bucky has his shot at redemption.


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