This domain was named after the roman god of sleep, Somnus. (also known as Hypnos in greek mythology) I had a really hard time picking a new domain to replace I went through a ton of names, and ended up with two favorites. It was between and I ultimately picked Somnus, because it stuck to me more than leviathan... and leviathan is kind of hard to spell. So its pretty obvious that I wanted a mythology-type domain name. I really, really wanted but it was taken. But now I think I like Somnus better. Hydra eventually freed up when it came time for me to renew, but I decided I really like Somnus more. It's funny, but this domain name holds greater significance to me now than it did when I bought it. After watching the classic series Saint Seiya, the roman/greek gods all hold a special significance. :)

Anyway! To read up on Somnus/Hypnos, go to Wikipedia. :)

History actually wasn't my first site collective. was my first. was open from the 9th of June 2006 to April 15th, 2008. Before that, though, everything sitely I owned was all on That ended up being waaaay too messy for my tastes, and the split eventually took place. was a wonderful domain, but as much as I love Zexion I wanted a non-fandom related collective name. However, I do still own It now serves as a fanlisting and shrine dedicated to Zexion from Kingdom Hearts. It's currently the most popular fansite for him around, and it was the first of it's kind. And for that I am really proud. It's probably one of my most developed and popular sites on the web.

Ironically, I picked the name to move away from a fandom, but it kind of ties in with my current favorite: Saint Seiya, in which Somnus' equivalent, Hypnos is a character. It seems that even if you want to escape from a fandom, you always just end up in another (which isn't necessarily a bad thing!).


The layout you are currently viewing is layout number 7. This layout was made 100% in adobe photoshop cs4. It features the Magi Judar, and Hakuryuu in his Belial djinn equip from Magi. Magi is a series that I have loved for some time now, and I really wanted to do something with the volume 26 cover. Belial is one of the coolest djinn equips in the series in my opinion, so I'm very glad it worked out. The many credits for this layout include: SoulsPoison, Sirius-SDZ, MiyukiKurame, 12WitchesStore, and BlackYaisa.

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