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Name/Titles: Jareth, Goblin King
Age: Unknown, possibly immortal
Race: Speculated Fae
Brief description: Jareth is the Goblin King, and ruler of the Labyrinth. It is unknown whether or not he has any other family. It is widely debatable what race Jareth is. Many favor the idea that he is Fae, but in the original Labyrinth script, Jareth turned into a goblin after being rejected by Sarah. In either case, we do not know for sure what he is. I think I like to lean more towards fae, due to Jareth’s humanoid appearance, and general disgust for his own subjects. If he were really a goblin, one might find him to be a little more accepting of his goblin minions and Jareth appears to care very little for them.

Jareth has blond hair, which is longer in some places. There is a great amount of layering going on there, so you really have to see it yourself in order to understand it. It is blond, with occasional streaks of other colors such as blue, or brown. Jareth’s eye color, like his actor David Bowie, is blue. It is commonly mistaken that they are two different colors, but in fact they are both blue. One merely appears to be brown due to Bowie having a permanently dilated pupil. So while many fanart pictures show Jareth with different colored eyes, this is not really the case.

Jareth is notable for his flamboyance! In the movie Labyrinth, which takes place over a course of less than 13 hours, Jareth is seen in eight different outfits. That’s about one outfit every hour and a half. That is a lot of changing clothes. The one commonality between outfits is that he is almost always seen wearing a pedant. Jareth also has a thing for makeup. He is famous for his style of eye shadow. As for appearances in other media, I prefer to think they don’t exist. The cover art from Return to Labyrinth is gorgeous (as shown in the layout), however, the real comic art/story is pretty bad IMHO. So I prefer to think it doesn’t exist.

More coming eventually!