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Welcome to Gem King, the approved fanlisting for the character Kilik, the awesome character from the anime / manga series Air Gear. Navigation is simple and can be found above, the red words are links. The forgiveness page contains basic information about Kilik, while the sin page houses the rules, codes, join form, and links to the update info form. The redemption page contains links to my affiliates, as well as layout information. The ignorance button will bring you back here.

If you have any trouble navigating through the site, or just any questions, then feel free to email me. Please note that this site was designed in a high resolution, so I apologize if the layout is too large, although i downsized it by about 200 pixels. The layout was also tested and is shown to work in Firefox, IE, Chrome, and Safari. Please note that this site may contain spoilers for Air Gear in the future.

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6/29/2011: The new layout is being coded. It's turning out a little more plain than I wanted, but it's still way better than the neon mess that was up before. New codes are also being made, since Kilik's hair color isn't actually pink (unfortunately). I have also gotten a couple of comments about the title, since Kilik isn't technically the Gem King any more. But it should be noted that the title refers more to his personality. It's basically the same as the Gem system, precise, and basically genius.