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… To Angelus Calamitas, a very small tribute to the character Krad from the manga/anime series D.N. Angel. As a Krad shrine, this site is only focused towards him so if you are looking for general series information, here is not the place. But if you are looking for Krad info, you are in the right place. :) You are currently viewing version 3.0 of Angelus Calamitas. If you have any problems navigating around the site, please email me and I will do my best to fix any problem there might be.

Angelus Calamitas currently houses a physical fanlisting to Krad! The fanlisting was approved at the physical fanlistings network, but they decided to remove all anime/manga related fanlistings from their site. *Rolls eyes* But you are more than welcomed to join the listing as it is still running. :) You can find it under the media part of the site.

The purpose of Angelus Calamitas is to not only give information on the character Krad, but to also look at Krad from other views. Not just the generic Krad-wants-everyone-dead blah blah blah. Please bear in mind that this site is still upcoming, so a good amount of information is still missing. This site is going to be updated as the new chapters of D.N. Angel are released. But please do not send me emails if I do not update for a while, as I may be too busy with school to update.


Monday, October 4 2010: New layout is being uploaded. Ohgods. Hell has frozen over. Update #2: The new layout has been uploaded! Hope you guys like it. I also added more content to the wardrobe, personality, and Satoshi pages. The attacks page has also been completed, minus anime stuff. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 2 2010: AHHH! An update! Imagine that. Added a couple of icons, i am also working on a new layout. So expect the new layout plus some added content in the near future!