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Hair: Krad's hair is a lovely shade of yellow/gold. One of the things you first notice is that he has one long piece of hair hanging down in the front. It is pretty much an extra long bang. His other bangs however, are much shorter and resemble Dark's quite a bit. He has his hair tied up in a pony-tail in the back. His hair is quite long in the back, and reaches to about his ankles. (It may be longer)

Facial Features: To put it simply, Krad has an extremely gorgeous face. xD His eyes are a slender shape and he has gorgeous gold (changes at times to blue in the manga) colored eyes. And he has a lovely pale-peach skin tone! <3

Wings: Krad, like Dark has wings. But Krad's wings are a part of his body. Most of the time, at least. We see him without them once in the manga. His wings are a beautiful white color (counter to Dark's black wings) and resemble and angels.

Overall, Krad has a very sexy yet angelic appearance. :)

Dark Vs Krad Resemblance to Dark: Krad and Dark look extremely alike (almost like they are twins), this is because ultimately they are the same… ish. But there are some pretty noticeable differences between the two. While Krad has golden slender eyes, Dark has purple and slightly larger eyes. They both obviously have different hair colors/style, this probably is the biggest difference between the two. I also think, that Krad has slightly sharper (if that makes any sense) facial features.