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Krad is definitely considered a tough opponent, and although he and Dark should both have an equal amount of power it seems that sometimes Krad has the advantage. This is a result of Krad's careless use of magic, since he has practically no regard to his host he uses magic as much as he pleases. This in turn, results in a loss of energy and painful side effects to the host. It has been noted that Krad's white wings in particular are extremely dangerous to the host. It is just speculation, but it is possible that if Krad was summoned through feelings of love and happiness then the side effects would not be so severe.

Although Krad's lack of regard for his host can give him an advantage, it also has downfalls. In a conflict with Daisuke and Dark, Krad uses an extreme amount of magic. And shortly after the fight begins Krad is tired out because Satoshi's body cannot keep up with the extreme demands that Krad requires to continue fighting.

A few abilities that Krad has demonstrated are air/magic blasts, increased physical strength, and a sort of telekinesis. The first is shown in the fight mentioned above. Krad uses these blasts against Daisuke, these blasts are shown to be quite powerful and capable of destroying cliffs. Krad also has physical strength to rely on. Unlike his host, Krad seems to be very physically fit and strong. He has been shown on a couple of occasions strangling Daisuke. Telekinesis is also an interesting ability that he has. Krad is able to like people and objects off the ground with this ability. He was shown destroying a guardian by simply looking at it, he is also capable of strangling an opponent without physically touching them with this ability.