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daisuke niwa

Krad and Daisuke have a very confusing relationship when you look at it. When they first meet in volume 4, Krad states that he had been ‘waiting’ for the ‘Wing master of his kind’ to awake. He acts kindly to Daisuke, helping him up from the floor and speeking to him in a very formal manner. In an instant, this all changes. Krad now has his hands around Daisuke’s neck, strangling him.

When Daisuke asks why Krad is doing this, Krad simply responds saying that he is a threat to his own existence. A obstacle to overcome. I’m thinking that he says this because Dark was currently trapped inside The dark mirror thing (I forgot the name, sorry!) And that means that if Dark returned he would have a host to go back into. So by eliminating Daisuke, he may be able to stop Dark from ever returning from the mirror.

Our next encounter of notability is the one at the end of volume 9. Daisuke had Satoshi stay over at his house, but Satoshi changed to Krad in the middle of the night. I believe it was Krad, anyway. (Please see personality page.) Krad does not attack the sleeping Daisuke, he simply sits by a window looking at the night sky. Then he turns to Daisuke and states that he actually really admires him. He leaves shortly after, leaving Daisuke a white feather.

We can look at this in many different ways, but lets look at it the simple way. Krad admires Daisuke. Now why would that be? Because he has his own body? Because he has good relationships with others? Maybe both of those reasons. Krad is unfortunately, very short with us so we can not know for sure. So it is really open to the reader to interoperate.