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I will give you fair warning. A good amount of the pages here are going to have opinions. My opinions. I am in no way forcing or trying to get you to think the same way about Krad that I do, I am just trying to offer a new way of thinking, a new point of view. I am not trying to make people think differently. So please do not email me accusing me of doing so. I have received such emails before for a different site and frankly, it just pissed me off and I changed nothing. Thank you for understanding.

Just another little note, most of my content is based off of manga Krad. This is more of a manga!Krad shrine as apposed to a anime one. I consider the anime to be just a spin off and unimportant, so I do not look in to it that much.

D.N. Angel } This page is fully dedicated to the series itself. Here you can read a basic summary of what the series is about, and later it will house some of my own impressions of the series and some future predictions.

Bio } This page will tell you the very, very basics when it comes to Krad. It has things like age, name stuff, and first appearances. Like I said, it’s the very basics.

Origins } Here, you can learn how both Krad, and Dark, came to be. As well as learn a bit about the history of the Niwa and Hikari families.

Name } What is in a name? Krad’s name, specifically. Well long story short, this name is made up. So- not so much.

Personality } This page is dedicated to analyzing most parts of Krad’s personality. This page could get quite long, and be filled with lots of crack. So be warned.

Appearance } Huzzah, an entire page solely for the purpose of analyzing Krad’s look. This page is only for Krad's physical appearance.

Wardrobe } This page is sort of an addition to the link above, only this page is dedicated to the lovely things that Krad wears clothes wise.

Dark Mousy } This page is dedicated to analyzing the relationship between Krad and Dark Mousy. This page could become extremely long in the future.

Niwa Daisuke } This page is analyzing the relationship between Niwa Daisuke and Krad. Not much to analyze here, but I’ll do my best.

Satoshi Hiwatari } This page is dedicated to Krad’s host, Satoshi. Here I will analyze the interesting relationship between the two.

Harada Twins } This page is dedicated to analyzing the relationship between the Harada twins and Krad. It will also talk about the possible love between Risa and Satoshi, his host.

Black Wings } The piece of artwork that gave both Krad and Dark life. This page will explain how Krad and Dark were both created and how the artwork itself plays a major role in the series.

Attacks } Krad owns you. Seriously. Here I will talk about what sort of attacks Krad uses in the anime and manga.

Voice Actor/Seiyuu } The voice of the angel! Both of them. This page will give some information on both of Krad’s seiyuu, or voice actors.

Quotes } Famous last words. But not really. Here lies some interesting or notable quotes for you to read. This page will be slightly empty, as Krad rarely ever shows up.

Merchandise } I can't believe it! Krad merchandise! It really exists, contrary to popular belief. Here are just a few items you can own with Krad plastered all over them.

Role } What part in the story does Krad play? He can be seen playing many different roles and I will talk about a few of them here.

Speech } What manner of speech does he use hmm? That will be looked at here, and I will look to explain why he speaks so.

Shattered Dream } What is it exactly that Krad wants? What is he trying to achieve by getting rid of Dark Mousy? I will attempt to offer a few different possibilities about that here.

Character Development } How has he changed over time? Has he even been changed at all?! I think so. Changes in Krad’s character will be looked at here.