Name: Krad (クラッド Kuraddo)
Age: 300+ (Physically 16-20)
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Gold (changes to blue in manga)
Voice Actors: Takeshi Kusao (Japanese), Illich Guardiola (English)
First Seem: Volume 4, Chapter 12 (Manga). Episode 1 (Anime) Real debut in episode 4.

Basic Description: Krad is a character in the anime/manga series D.N. Angel. He is considered a villain to most, but others can see him as a very complex character and not so much a villan. He is to Satoshi Hiwatari, what Dark Mousy is to Niwa Daisuke. Though there is a big difference between the two relationships.

Krad is a very complex character, in my opinion. The way i see it, is that he is insecure with himself and his relationships with others. This is probably why he is so possessive over Satoshi. I think Krad just wants to live a normal life. Even though it would probably never happen.

Anime/Manga Differences: The first thing you notice if you have read the manga and watched the anime, is that Krad is not nearly as insane in the manga as he is in the anime. He is fracking nuts in the anime. Nuts as in needs-a-LOT-of-therapy. Krad could be considered less violent in the manga, depending on how you look at it. In the anime, as soon as he is released from Satoshi he charges at Daisuke or Dark, swinging swords around or trying to blow shit up. While in the manga Krad takes on a much more subtle method of attacks and even is released at one point and shows no violence whatsoever.


The origins of both Krad and Dark begin with the ancestors of Niwa Daisuke and Satoshi Hiwatari ‘Hikari’. The story begins with a humble artist, Hikari. He was considered a genius artist by many, and his works were highly praised. But to Hikari, this was not enough. The amount of time and dedication given to each piece of artwork he created eventually caused the deterioration of his mental stability. He was going mad, in other words. (Van gogh, anyone?) Hikari removed himself from the rest of the world to focus solely on his creations. His goal was to pour life into the art to create the ultimate masterpiece.

It was said that Hikari in fact, sold his soul to the Devil to help achieve these goals and obtain a technique allowing him to do so. Over time, he performed countless experiments giving life to many pieces of art. (Some considered ‘grotesque and hideous things’ by the Hikari family.) But without exception, every piece of artwork was considered fantastic and talked about by many. And even considered alive. Hikari, after obtaining this power, developed a complex. While he obtained this power from a devil, he didn’t know if the power made he, himself a devil, or if he had obtained power equal to that of a god. Blurred between these two ideas, it was said that this idea, this complex, eventually becomes the final push into madness for the Hikari.

Niwa Daisukes ancestor carried a particular interest in Hikari’s artwork. Beginning our slow descent to the creation of both Krad and Dark. The Niwa family consisted of thieves, even back then. The constant creation of life by Hikari, and the taking of that life by the Niwa, eventually led to a never ending war between the two. Both Niwa and Hikari truly regarded one another as true equals on that battlefield. While the endless cycle continued, Hikari began what was to be his final piece of artwork, and the grandest of them all. “Kokuyoku.” The creation of this piece in particular, took months, years to complete. IF it was to be the grandest of all, it would certainly take this much time.

Kokuyoku was nearly completed when Niwa appeared to steal it just as Hikari began to blow life into the piece. The ritual was disrupted, and was only half way completed at the time. The magic intended to give life to the piece had lost direction and went out of control. It became a curse. Manifesting itself with Hikari as ‘Krad’ and within Niwa as ‘Dark’. And over generations, they became known as the ‘other selves’ within the families.

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