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The layout you are currently looking at was made 100% in photoshop cs2. It was sliced and the rollover effects were added in photoshop as well, and everything else was coded in notepad. The brushes and textures used came from Shizoo, Feel, Ninevolt Heart and Ewanism.

You are currently viewing version 3.0 of the site. I originally wanted to make something darker for version 3 since both the versions before it were bright. But in all honesty, Krad does not do dark. (lol. no pun intended!) Since Krad is often depicted with his white wings, it makes working with dark colors even harder. So eventually i just said screw it, and started working with lights again. I really like how it turned out. I had been wanting to use the layout image forever, it's been rotting on my hard drive. Although i'm not entirely sure that i like the banner at the bottom, i can say for sure i really like this layout and that it was time for a change.

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