Krad Media Site Index


A general note about the media content: You are more than welcome to use the images I have uploaded here. The only thing I ask is that you give credit if you are using things like the icons, that someone made. Things like scans and screenshots may be used and no credit is needed, but it is appreciated.

Avatars/Icons } Pretty small squares of love! You can snag these icons if you would like, and use them on you livejournal, forum, whatever you like! Credit is always appreciated though. <3

Wallpapers } Want Krad on your desktop? It can be done! Here you will find some wallpapers created by myself and/or others. You can download them and make them your background.

Anime Goods } Screencaps taken from the anime. This page will contain probably every screenshot of Krad. Ever. It will also house some anime scans.

Scans/other } Here you can find a couple of manga scans, and other scans or images that have Krad on them.

Physical Fanlisting }This is a physical fanlisting or a fanlisting dedicated to the physical appreciation of Krad. This fanlisting is ideal for people who dislike Krad, but love they sexyness that he is to join.

Live Journal Goodies } Here you can find goodies for your livejournal! Things like colorbars, and friends only banners can be found here.