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The name 'Krad' comes from none other than Dark. Dark spelled backwards is Krad. Its pretty strait forward. The reason this is, is because Dark and Krad are complete opposites in almost every way. We aren't sure why exactly that is, but it has something to do with the 'black wings'.

I searched a few random sites to see if they had anything on the name, and this is what i came up with:

Meaning: Practical
Origin: American English

You are a charismatic individual with a dynamic and attractive personality. Probably not known for your caution or patience you are a risk taker who hates to be restricted in any way. Freedom is very important to you. Your thinking and intuition is strong and you have a talent for communication. You enjoy the sensual and material pleasures of life and with the application of care and wisdom you can achieve wonderful worldly success.

....It sorta sounds like him. ^^; Here is another one just for fun.

I. The name of Krad gives you a very individual, reserved, serious nature.

II. You prefer to be alone with your own thoughts, rather than in the company of others.

III. This name restricts spontaneity in association and the fluency of your verbal expression.

IV. When you are required to express yourself in personal matters requiring finesse and diplomacy, you feel awkward and embarrassed.

V. Although you realize perfectly well what is expected of you, you are unable to find the right words, and hence you end up saying something inappropriate in a candid way.

VI. You can express your deeper thoughts and feelings best through writing.