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As much as we would all love to own Krad merchandise, there really is nothing to buy! I will cover what is available the best I can.

DN Angel volumes. The obvious. You can buy the volumes of DN Angel that have been released, some of them contain Krad moments. I will compile a list of which volumes contains Krad at a later date.
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DN Angel DVDS. Once again, obvious. While I myself am not a fan of the anime, you can buy the dvds and enjoy Krad in all of his animated (psycho) goodness.
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Fanmade Stuff. Great stuff! I have come across mousepads, buttons/pins, plushies, and even keychains of Krad that fans have made themselves. While you have to keep looking to find the good stuff, it is possible! So don’t give up!
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Cosplay. There is a seller on ebay who sells Krad's anime outfit, there are also customized wigs for sale. These things can also be found on various cosplay websites.
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