Krad Media Site Index


Welcome to the site portion of the um… site. Here you can read up on all of the technical stuff. Here we have layout information, linking buttons, information about myself, and links to other great places.

Why } Why would anyone make a shrine to Krad? Why indeed? Well, my answer to that is going to be here once I get off my lazy ass and write one. So for now its just ‘because I wanted to.’

History } Here you can read about the notable changes the site has gone through over time. This section is still quite small, but hopefully will grow in the future.

Mistress } Ah yes, no shrine would be complete without a page dedicated to the lovely person who made it right? Well that’s what this page is for.

Link In } Would you like to link to Angels to Demons? Well here is the place where you go to get those little squares of love to use. No direct linking, please.

Links Out } Unfortunately, there is alack of DN Angel related fansites so this page is quite small. I pray it will expand in the future.

Layout } This page is fully devoted to the layout you are currently viewing. It was going to be for all layout, present and past. But I deleted the old layout without getting a screenshot, and thus fail

Updates } You can catch up on all of my past updates here! I will from now on only be keeping the most recent update on the first page.

Guestbook } No site would be complete without a guestbook. They are just too much fun. So if you enjoyed my site, you can leave me a note if you like.