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past updates

Saturday, June 13 2009: Hello! ^^ We are still alive. I have updated the Twins section, Personality section, and i added the merchandise section. I am working on quotes and the list of appearances right now. Update #2: Also, i have added a new section called 'origins'. You can now read up on where Dark and Krad came from. :) Update #3: Just realised where the sites name came from, that god damned book! Shit. Name change coming soon!

Saturday, October 18 2008: The new layout has been uploaded and the whole site has been re-worked. All of the content has been updated to work with the newer chapters and a few new pages were added.

Tuesday, September 11 2007: Added a bunch of upcoming pages, even more will be added soon now that i've got some free time. :) The affiliates page was updated. A new layout is coming soon, i promise! And more frequent updates.

Saturday, June 2 2007: Added the Harada twins page, will be uploading screenies a bit later. :)

Tuesday, May 8 2007: Corrected some of my info. ^^; The Satoshi page should be up soon.

Monday, April 16 2007: Finished the Dark relationship page! Though it is total crack.. i'll probably re-write it later~!

Thursday, April 12 2007: Finished the wardrobe page. :)

Monday, April 9 2007: Finished the bio, series, personality, appearance, icons, images/scan and name pages. The physical fanlisting is also completed.

Sunday, April 8 2007: Uploaded the layout.