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We see Krad wearing loads of different outfits! But lets just start with his anime outfit. :)

Click for full view Krad's anime outfit is always the same. It is most likely supposed to be some sort of vestment, but in fact more resembles a monks robe. His undershirt (/robe) is like a turtleneck, but not. It looks sort of like something you would see a vampire wearing in an older movie. It much resembles a ruffle ascot, but it doesn't 'hang' in the front. The top is long sleeved, and is cuffed at the bottom and bordered gold. The top itself is bordered in gold going strait up the middle. Over his shirt, Krad wears a capelet (the vest looking thing). The caplet is cut like a traditional monks capelet would be cut. It is has a gold wave-like trim across all of the edges. He has a brown buckle near the neckline to keep the capelet from falling off. At Krad's waistline he has a belt. This separates the top and bottom of the robe. Krad's lower robes are attached to the upper ones. The top simply breaks apart once reaching the waistline creating a (upside down)'V'- like cut. The bottom is also bordered in the same wave-gold border… thing. Below these robes, there is a purple silk-like under garment. (xD) This, most like is NOT actually under garments... though it would be funny if it were. Under this, Krad wears almost (damn, so close. Dx) skin tight white pants. It appears that his shoes are actually attached to them.

This outfit was worn at the end of volume 4, and the beginning of volume 5. The first time we see Krad~ <3 This outfit is a t-shirt and jeans! ^^ Its a rather unique looking shirt.. it has a wide turtle-necked collar and a line down the middle.. and 4 button-like things across the upper chest. This is probably my favorite outfit out of all the ones listed here. <3

Krad wears this outfit in volume 6! It is a sweat shirt, with a t-shirt underneath and jeans. A very simple outfit. *nod nod* It seems that this outfit is a bit small for Krad (the sleeves come up much higher on him than they do on Satoshi).. so Satoshi is still a runt (xD) here.

We see 'Krad' wearing this outfit near the end of volume 9. He is wearing a white school uniform top. (...I think.) And the uniform bottom aswell. And of course, the belt. :P This outfit looks very nice on Krad! And the outfit does not seem to be too small for him, so that means.. Satoshi grew? Or his clothes are too big for him.. one or the other. ^^ (I'm pretty sure he grew though)

The newest out Krad is seen wearing is also a very simple one. It consists of a turtle neck shirt and pants that sort of look like jeans. This outfit, unlike many of the others that Krad wears fits him quite nicely. It’s not too loose or too tight, so it would seem that Satoshi and Krad are about the same size now. There is always the possibility that Satoshi is wearing too-big clothes though. But that does not appear to be the case. But anyways, this out looks very nice on Krad, it compliments his figure and is the kind of thing he should wear all the time.

Aside from all of these outfits, when Krad appears inside Satoshi's mind, he is always wearing some sort of vestment. This of course, is very appropriate and these outfits suit him perfectly. He is also depicted in various illustrations wearing vestments as well.