War Game

The War Game in Marchen Awakens Romance is exactly as it sounds, a war but in game form. The outcome of the war game will ultimately decide the future of Mar Heaven, one takes place 6 years before the start of the series and it ultimately ended up in a draw. Phantom was then reborn 6 years later to resume the games. The rules of the game are simple, there are 7 rounds in total, there is an alloted 1 day of rest between every 2 fights. The team with the most wins each battle proceeds to the next, however, if the captain of the team loses then that team is out of the game even if the other members won. Ginta is the captain of MAR, while Phantom is the captain of the Chess. It is decided each round by the roll of dice how many fighter from each team will participate, and which field the battle will be taken place on.

Round 1 Results
Alviss vs. Leno: Winner, Alviss
Jack vs. Pano: Winner, Pano
Ginta vs. Garon: Winner, Ginta

Round 2 Results
Fuugi vs. Snow: Winner, Snow
Nanashi vs. Loco: Winner, Loco
Dorothy vs. Maira: Winner, Dorothy

Round 3 Results
Allan/Ed vs. Alibaba: Winner, Allan/Ed
Jack vs. Pano (Rematch): Winner, Jack
Snow vs. Mr. Hook: Winner, Mr. Hook
Ginta vs. Kannochi: Winner, Ginta
Alviss vs. Rolan: Winner, Rolan

Round 4 Results
Alviss vs. Mr. Hook: Winner, Alviss
Jack vs. Korekkio: Winner, Jack
Dorothy vs. Avuruutu: Winner, Dorothy
Nanashi vs. Aqua: Winner, DRAW
Ginta vs. Giromu: Winner, Ginta
Dorothy vs. Rapunzel: Winner, Dorothy

Round 5 Results
Snow vs. Emokiss: Winner, Snow
Alviss vs. Hamelin: Winner, Alviss
Jack vs. Kandis: Winner, DRAW
Ginta vs. Ash: Winner, Ginta
Nanashi vs. Galian: Winner, Nanashi

Round 6 Results
Allan vs. Shaton: Winner, Shaton
Alviss vs. Kouga: Winner, Alviss
Dorothy vs. Pinocchio: Winner, Dorothy
Snow vs. Magical Roe: Winner, Magical Roe
Ginta vs. Ian: Winner, Ginta

Round 7 Results
Jack vs. Veezle: Winner, Jack
Alviss vs. Rolan (Rematch): Winner, Alviss
Dorothy vs. Chimera: Winner, Dorothy
Allan vs. Halloween: Winner, Allan
Nanashi vs. Peta: Winner, Nanashi
Ginta vs. Phantom: Winner, Ginta

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