Matsuoka Rin is one of the main characters in High Speed and Free! He is considered to be a protagonist, and an antagonist by the Free! fandom. In any case, he is the driving force behind the plotline in Free!, which takes place 5 years after the novel High Speed. In High Speed, Rin was 12 years old and extremely charismatic. He transferred into Iwatobi elementary school and began swimming with Haruka, Makoto, and Nagisa. It was originally Rin's idea to form the team, which was formed for the purpose of winning a relay race. Before they compete, Rin confesses to his teammates that he wanted to win the relay so badly because his deceased father had one the same race with his team. Rin, wanting to follow his father's dream, assembled the team at Iwatobi. He also informs his teammates and now friends, that he would be moving to Australia to attend a swimming academy the day after the relay. The team wins, and they bury the trophy under a tree at the academy as a time capsule.

This is where Free! begins. Five years after the events of High Speed, Rin returns from Australia and is attending Samezuka Academy for swimming. It is at this time where Rin, Haruka, Makoto, and Nagisa meet again and old rivalries are renewed. Rin has returned, but he is very much changed from the cheerful kid that he once was. He is now much harsher, and seemingly very unhappy. Following their reunion, Rin and Haruka once again take to the pool for competition! Who will win?


Most of this information was taken from Rin's page on the Free! Wiki.

Gender: Male

Sign: Aquarius

Birthday: February 2

Age: 12 (High Speed), 17 (Free!)

Height: 145cm (High Speed), 177cm (Free!)

Weight: 39kg (High Speed), 68kg (Free!)

Hair Color: This is a hot topic, but I'm say reddish purple.

Eye Color: Red

Family: Gou (Younger Sister), Unnamed Mother, Father (Deceased), Grandmother (Deceased).

Interesting Attributes: Shark-like teeth (Free!)

Animal: Shark