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Hello, and welcome to Wild Card, a tribute and fanlisting for the character Takumi from the game Fire Emblem Fates (If). Wild Card is relatively new and my first attempt at a Fire Emblem site, so please be patient with me while I slowly add more and more sections. Wild Card also houses the TheFanlistings.org approved fanlisting for Takumi. Please consider joining if you are a fan of Takumi. Please be aware that the Takumi/Tribute section of the site contains spoilers from the game and all three of its routes. The fanlisting section however, is spoiler free.

This layout is viewed best in Google Chrome, but has been tested and shown to work in firefox, internet explorer, and safari. If you have any problems navigating through the site, or if you find any errors while browsing please let me know! Navigation can be found above. Site credits and information can be found in the exit section.

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5/30/2016: Went through and tweaked a few things, and I have uploaded the 'personality' section to the tribute. Enjoy, and expect more soon!

3/30/2016: I went through and finally uploaded many sections of the tribute, which are now accessible. Some of the now functioning pages include: Fates, Birthright, Conquest, Revelation, Family, Supports, Combat, Appearance, and Growth. I am actively working on new pages aside from these.

3/27/2016: The layout has been completed, as well as the fanlisting portion of the site. I am just now beginning to work on the exit, and tribute sections. Though I hope to have both of them working (to some degree) within the next day or two.

3/26/2016: The layout for Wild Card is nearly complete. I just need to update some of the css and adjust colors to my liking.

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