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Takumi is a fair skinned young man with light brown eyes and silver hair. He is the only one of his siblings (aside from Corrin, if the player chooses so) to not have red hair. His original design called for him to have red hair to match his siblings, but it was ultimately changed to the silver we now know. He has long hair, which reaches past his waist.

During the game his hair is always tied up into a high ponytail with a red ribbon, and an extra tie close to the end of the ponytail. He has bangs that drop down to nearly his eyes. Because of the layering in his hair, some of the short pieces get caught up in the top of his ponytail and give a spiked sort of appearance where they stick up.

Takumi has a youthful face, and a lean but muscular body build. His lean form is likely due to his weapon of choice, the bow. He has the muscles to use the bow, but because of his smaller form he can also be very quick on his feet. Because he shoots from afar, this is extremely helpful. Takumi is of average height, and is known to be at least taller than Orochi and Sakura.

Takumi wears traditional Hoshidan clothing. Fun fact, all of Takumi's clothes were hand made by Oboro, his retainer. Takumi's main ensemble consists of quite a number of layers. I am not brave (or foolish) enough to describe each layer, because I would likely butcher the names of each item. If I'm ever able to accurately name all of the pieces of his clothing, I'll be sure to update this section. But this much is certain: Takumi's clothing is heavily inspired by the uniforms worn by archers in feudal Japan. Takumi's of course, does have original and stylized elements that are unique to 'Hoshido' and the Fire Emblem universe.

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