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Birthrights and Love

The Birthright storyline takes place if the player decides to side with Hoshido over Nohr. The gameplay and levels for Birthright are (in my opinion) easier than in Conquest. Through this branch of fate, you also have more access to gold and experience. I also find that Birthright is easier for building up multiple support relationships. This story feels a bit less heavy than its counterpart, while still being serious. Immediately after making your choice, you must fight with your Nohr siblings, with Xander and Leo not taking your betrayal very well.

After defeating Xander and having the Nohr forces retreat, the Hoshidan royals part ways. Corrin slowly adds each of her siblings to her party through various missions. Takumi and Ryoma at this time, have gone missing close to the borders of Izumo. You are recruited by Orochi and Saizo to help look for the two missing princes. You learn that the two had gone missing during the battle, close to the bottomless canyon. You are finally reunited with Takumi in Chapter 10: Ninja Village. Takumi appears after your first turn in the battle against Mokushu Ninja. He appears not as a friend, but as an enemy. However, something is clearly very wrong when he begins to fire arrows at his once-allies and even his siblings. Azura quickly picks up on the problem, and sings her song. Her song releases Takumi from whatever had taken hold, and he comes back to his senses. Takumi officially joins your party at this time.

After the battle, the Hoshidan royals are so happy to see Takumi returned to normal. Takumi himself is very confused about what had occurred, but is horrified to learn that he had briefly turned on his own siblings. He explains that during battle, he and Ryoma had been separated. Takumi had been caught in a massive landslide, and had actually fallen into the bottomless canyon. Though he had no idea how he survived, he had memories of falling. Eventually Takumi and Corrin reconcile their differences, and the group moves forward in an attempt to find the still missing Ryoma.

On the way to find Ryoma, Takumi expresses great skepticism in allowing Zola (whom had deceived and attempted to capture them in Izumo) to continue with their group. He is concerned that Zola could be working as a spy, and doesn't trust him the least. Shortly afterwards, Zola sacrifices himself to save Takumi from the attack of a mysterious shrouded person. Zola is able to survive the event due to Sakura's quick actions, but also gains Takumi's respect in the process. He explains that talk is cheap, but actions speak volumes. Zola's actions towards Takumi had been considered heroic, and for that he was more or less accepted into the group.

The group arrives at the port of Cyrkensia, where Azura is given the opportunity to sing before King Garon. Zola uses his power to disguise Azura, and she sings her song, which causes King Garon much discomfort. As events would turn out, Zola was indeed working as a spy for Nohr. Takumi is enraged for ever having trusted him, and vows to kill Zola himself. Zola however, attempts to bargain for Corrin's life with Garon. Garon simply murders Zola, and the battle to escape begins. The groups is able to escape, and moves towards Cheve while still looking for Ryoma.

In Cheve, the group is ambushed by Camilla. After this battle, the group is finally reunited with Ryoma, who had been fighting alongside the Cheve resistance. The whole family is now reunited. Everyone is ecstatic to have Ryoma back, as they plan their next move. At this time, they decide that it is best to confront King Garon directly, even if it means heading straight for Nohr. They all take a vow to fight to the best of their abilities, and begin the trek into the heavily guarded Nohr. After fighting their way into Nohr, the group decides to take refuge in the forest. Forced to take the road through Wolfskin Peak, which leads to conflict.

At this point, we have reached Chapter 16 of the story. On the way to the town of Macarath, Takumi falls ill. It starts with some minor coughing, but quickly deteriorates into a serious illness causing fever, weakness, and difficulty breathing. It turns out to be a rare fever that is specific to that region, and could cause death if not treated quickly. It is assumed that Takumi may have contracted it from their fight with the Wolfskin. Despite Sakura's healing abilities, it is determined that they need a specific herb in order to treat the illness. The group heads to the Palace of Macarath in the hopes that the Apothecary would have the needed herbs for treatment.

Upon arrival at the Palace, Corrin is reunited with Flora, who works at the apothecary. Flora is more than happy to assist in sneaking out the herbs needed for Takumi. However, the plan is interrupted by the arrival of Iago. A battle ensues, but you are unable to have Takumi in your party due to his current state. After defeating Iago, he tells you that there is a mole in your party. Takumi thinks that it is a trick to mess with Corrin's head, but Corrin feels uneasy.

Takumi's illness begins acting up again, and with Flora's help, they are able to get the herbs needed to treat the illness. With plenty of rest, Takumi would recover just fine thanks to Flora. Flora then suggests that the group head to the Ice Tribe next, as it isn't controlled by Nohr. They agree to go so that they may regroup, and so that Takumi can get some rest. But before they head out, a sleeping Takumi gives the group a warning that something is not right, and to be careful. This is ultimately dismissed as delirious sleep talking.

The Ice Tribe turns out to be a trap, set up by Flora against her will. At this point, Takumi is well enough that he can participate in battles once again. The battle is won though not without losses, and the group makes their way into Forlorn forest where they encounter Leo. Ultimately this battle and Leo's advice sends them in search of the Rainbow Sage, who they believe can grant Corrin the power to defeat Xander and King Garon. They finally meet the Sage, and he is able to bond the Fujin Yumi and Yato to each other, awakening the Noble Yato.

They pass through fort Dragonfall, and make their way to the burning falls where they find a secret passage to Windmire. Takumi notes that the Rainbow Sage had probably not told them about the passage because they still had a mole problem in the group. Takumi doesn't want to believe that there is actually a mole in the group leaking information, but says that it is likely, considering their luck thus far.

The next major chapter is chapter 25: Traitor Revealed. Upon arrival at the Castle, the group encounters Iago once again. Iago explains that he is willing to do whatever is necessary to get what he wants, and we hear Azura gasp. The scene cuts to Takumi gripping Azura tightly by the arms. It is revealed that Takumi is still in fact, possessed and that he had been the mole in the group the entire time with Iago controlling him. Iago explains that the spell wouldn't work without dissatisfaction in the soul. Takumi felt like an afterthought in his own family. He has an inferiority complex, and desperately wants to prove himself.

Iago played on all of these emotions in order to control Takumi. Iago then attempts to get the group to kill Takumi in order to save Azura, but Corrin believes that there must be another way. Corrin reaches out to Takumi in an attempt to bring him to his senses. This works to some degree, and gives Azura the chance to sing her song one last time. The song works, and Takumi returns to his senses once again and shoots an arrow at Iago. He thanks Corrin for believing in him, and states that he has woken up for good this time.

Takumi participates in the final battle against King Garon if the player so chooses. After the battle is won and Nohr is defeated, all of the Hoshidan royals attend the crowing ceremony for Ryoma. One by one, each of Ryoma's siblings breaks into tears of happiness. Takumi seems to be the only one holding out, and they all count on him to 'bring them back to reality'. They all burst into tears once again at the mention of the now departed Azura, and even Takumi breaks down at this. He states that he misses her too, even if he had never warmed up to her as a sister.

Peace is in the making all around the world with friendly relations being made with the new King of Nohr, Leo. The Hoshidan Royals are together as a family, and Corrin has made peace with her remaining Nohr siblings as well. The game ends with a cutscene of all the Hoshidan Royals together, making an offering the late queen Mikoto. According to the end credits, Takumi ended up being crucial to Hoshido's eventual recovery.

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