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Conquest and Fate

The Conquest storyline takes place if the player decides to side with Nohr over Hoshido. The gameplay and levels for Conquest are significantly more challenging (at least, in my opinion) than in Birthright, and you have less access to resources such as gold and experience. This story takes on a much darker and more serious than Birthright. Immediately after making your choice, you must fight with your Hoshidan siblings, including Takumi. While Takumi is suspicious of you from the start, your 'betrayal' sends him over the edge and he despises you throughout this route of the game.

You begin taking orders directly from King Garon in order to conquer Hoshido. This continues for many chapters of the game, with you eventually encountering and battling your Hoshidan siblings. The player will first encounter Takumi again in chapter 10, appropriately titled 'Unhappy Reunion'. Takumi appears as the boss in this chapter. He appears alongside his soldiers in order to block Corrin's Nohr group from catching a ferry in the port of Dia.

At this point in time, he is very angry with Corrin and her betrayal, but not to the point where his judgment has been compromised. This is a very difficult chapter, which involves guarding spaces for a long number of turns. After finishing the battle, Takumi is forced to retreat with his injured soldiers. Takumi is almost unbelieving that Corrin, a Nohr princess would allow injured soldiers to leave safely. At this time, Takumi starts showing bouts of unnatural anger and outbursts, complaining about pain in his head. Takumi then leaves Corrin to her guilt and retreats.

The next time we see Takumi is in Chapter 13: Uprising. While Corrin and her group are heading to quell a rebellion in Cheve, Takumi appears and attempts to kill Corrin before the battle starts. The attempt fails, and it is revealed that Takumi and Hoshidan warriors have come to aid Scarlet and her rebellion. Takumi shows great annoyance with Elise at this meeting, when Elise constantly speaks up in defense of her sister Corrin. At this point, Takumi continues to grow more and more unhinged, claiming that if he killed more Nohrians, the pain in his head would go away.

After the battle is won, Takumi is unable to understand how he lost again. He can't understand how Corrin continues to beat him, after 'abandoning Hoshido, watching their Mother die, and betraying them all'. He is frustrated that he cannot have justice for what has occurred. He swears upon his Mothers' grave that he will have revenge, and is then forced to retreat.

Azura at this time, comments that Takumi has changed, that he is not the same boy that she once knew. She explains that while Takumi had never accepted her as a sister, he had always been kind to her, and that threatening people was not in his nature. She wonders if this is truly the same Takumi that they have been fighting. Corrin is confused by this, but before there is any time to ponder they are interrupted by Hans and Nohr soldiers murdering the people of Cheve.

Between then and the next time we see Takumi, a few notable incidents occur. We learn that King Garon is actually possessed by some sort of monster, and has been for some time. Azura had sung to Garon in disguise in an attempt to remove the monster, but he was too far corrupted and nothing could be done. Corrin and Azura devise a plan to conquer Hoshido, and have the possessed Garon sit on the Hoshidan throne. For the throne you see, reveals the truth.

Garon's grotesque possessed form would be revealed if he were to sit on it, and would give just cause to remove him from power for good. The plan is also to vanquish him from the world, so that the soul of the real Garon could move on. These new revelations cause Corrin to play the part of the model princess of Nohr, and she works to conquer Hoshido.

Our next encounter with Takumi is in Chapter: 18 titled 'Black and White'. Corrin and her group stop at Izumo on their way to Hoshido. Here they meet the flamboyant Archduke Izana, and are invited to one of his banquets. It is revealed that the Hoshidan royal family are also there for the banquet. Both groups of royals are surprised to see the other, but Takumi actually has nothing to say.

Things begin to escalate, but Izana breaks up any forming confrontation by reminding them that Izumo has a neutrality pact. Izana then proceeds to lock away the weapons before dinner. As it turns out, this was just a ploy to get the Hoshidan royal family unarmed and captured. The real Izana had been kidnapped long before, and an impostor of Nohr named Zola had been impersonating him. With this, the Hoshidan royals are locked away and the battle begins to free them.

After the battle is over and the Hoshidan royals have been released, Leo executes Zola for his dishonorable ways. The real Izana is released, and a banquet is held. It is only when Corrin tries to talk to Ryoma that Takumi has something to say. Unfortunately, it's nothing particularly new. He scolds Corrin for trying to talk to Ryoma at all. Leo and Takumi get into a small fight over gratitude, as Takumi and the other Hoshidans feel that saving them was only the natural thing to do (and they would have done the same had the situation be swapped). Much squabbling happens at dinner, but Azura simply finds it endearing. As if they were one big dysfunctional family. The two families part ways without comment.

After making their way into Hoshido, Corrin and her group make their way towards the capitol. In a previous battle, Princess Sakura was captured and held hostage. We encounter Takumi immediately after, in Chapter 23: Possessed. Takumi is defending the Great Wall of Suzanoh in this chapter, and is the boss. Takumi at this point is leader of the core forces of Hoshido. Upon Corrin's arrival, Takumi is prepared to fight to his last breath to keep Hoshido safe from Nohr, and to settle the score once and for all with Corrin.

When Takumi and Corrin face off at the end, he reminds her of what he had said in Cheve. That he wouldn't rest until Corrin paid for what she did. He then admits that there is no turning back now, and that this (revenge) was all he had left. Upon his defeat, Corrin informs him that he along with his soldiers will be taken alive as prisoners. Takumi then learns that Sakura was taken prisoner as well. He has an outburst at Corrin demanding to know why she had chosen Nohr over her true family. He is unable to understand, and it is visibly painful to see.

However, Takumi then explains that it doesn't matter anymore. As he does so, he becomes covered in foreboding black and purple aura. He then claims that they should not have left a way for him to escape, and he throws himself off of the Great Wall. Horrified, Corrin and Azura look for him in the area below the wall, but he is nowhere to be found. This is a mystery that stumps both Corrin and Azura.

The final appearance of Takumi is in Chapter 27: Endgame. He appears immediately after you defeat the possessed King Garon. He appears before Corrin and her group with the same dark magic surrounding him, only now his eyes are blood red and his voice guttered and strange. He is belligerent, shouting constantly about betrayal.

Unfortunately, we now learn the reason behind Takumi's unnatural anger and complaints about headaches. Azura reveals to Corrin that Takumi has become possessed by something in the same way that Garon had been possessed. Sadly, Azura confirms that it is too late to be able to save him. She also confirms that he had mostly likely already been too far gone when he had jumped off of the Great Wall.

Corrin is distraught, and does not want to accept such a sad fate. Corrin then admits that she was the one who put Takumi on the path of anger and revenge when she had chosen Nohr. She then allows the possessed Takumi to strike her down repeatedly in an attempt to ease some of his anger. However, this just leads to Corrin being beaten unconscious. Corrin awakes to find herself reunited with her Mother, and Ryoma (who had perished shortly before). Before Corrin returns to her allies back in the real world, Ryoma informs her that there is someone who wishes to speak with her.

This person is none other than Takumi. The real Takumi, who tells Corrin that the thing back on earth is no longer him. He explains that his body is long dead, and that it is merely a monster making a puppet out of his corpse. He cannot be truly free from the world while his body is imprisoned by the monster. He pleads with Corrin to destroy his body so that he may rest in peace.

He entrusts Corrin with the Fujin Yumi in order to repair the now shattered sword, Yato. Having made peace with Corrin, Takumi wonders what it would have been like to fight on the same side. He also admits that he had desperately wanted to bond with Corrin, and wanted to truly call her sister. He had wanted to say these things in life, but had been unable due to his own stubborn and hurt feelings.

Corrin then returns to the world with the help of Lilith, to face off with the possessed form of Takumi once and for all. After defeating the shadow Takumi, the true Takumi resurfaces for just a moment to thank Corrin for releasing him. His soul is then able to move on. This is the end of Takumi's appearance in Conquest. Hinoka eventually becomes the new ruler of Hoshido, which she comments is a surprise. She had always expected Ryoma and Takumi to take on that role, but she does so now in their honor.

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