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Want to marry your brother? You can of course, but should you? That's all up to the player, and for the sake of research I have done the very same. S Rank Support can be achieved with Takumi if you play as female Corrin in Birthright or Revelation.


Corrin: Hello, Takumi.

Takumi: ...

Corrin: Takumi? I said hello.

Takumi: Yeah, I heard you. Do you need something?

Corrin: Well, I guess I don't NEED anything, but I was hoping we could chat... or something.

Takumi: Yeah, the thing is... I'm busy right now. Practicing. Can't you see?

Corrin: Yes, I can see that. But it seems you just don't care to get to know me at all.

Takumi: You hit the nail on the head. I know I SHOULD trust you, since we're siblings. But we were raised worlds apart, so we don't really have much in common after all.

Corrin: I see. You remember, of course, our shared history. And that we are fighting for the same cause.

Takumi: And YOU remember, of course, that you grew up with the enemy.

Corrin: Be that as it may, surely I have proven my loyalty by now. There's got to be a way to convince you... Hmm. How would you feel about training me on the bow?

Takumi: I don't see the point.

Corrin: Well, it'll give us a chance to get to know each other a little bit. And then, in the next battle, I can more effectively demonstrate my loyalty.

Takumi: Very well. You get one shot at this, understand? If you start slowing me down, I'm outta here.

Corrin: I'll do my best to keep up. Thank you, Takumi.

Takumi: Hmph, we'll see.


Takumi: Corrin! Your arm is too low. Raise it three degrees! Also, bend your right knee another six degrees. What are you doing? Never take your eyes off the target!

Corrin: OK... I'm doing my best! Just give me a moment to concentrate…

Takumi: What was that? Who asked who for help? Don't tell me you're already whining!

Corrin: No! I can do this. We're at war-I can't give up now.

Takumi: *sigh* Fine, I guess we can take a break.

Corrin: Whew. I must admit, I'm grateful for the rest. It's harder to bend a bow than I imagined.

Takumi: Well, of course. Did you think it would be easy?

Corrin: To be honest... sort of. But, that's only because you make it looks so easy, Takumi.

Takumi: Are you being sarcastic?

Corrin: No, I mean it. Watching you, it looks effortless. But when I pick up the bow... I realize that I need to work on my stance, my strength, and my concentration. Still, I've already improved. Wouldn't you agree?

Takumi: Yes. You are making progress. But make no mistake-you have a long way to go!

Corrin: Of course. So, why don't we get back to work?

Takumi: Very well. OK, get into position, take a deep breath, slowly pull back...

Corrin: Ow!

Takumi: What happened?!

Corrin: Sorry! My hand slipped. Oh, damn. I'm bleeding.

Takumi: How bad is it?

Corrin: Not bad. I'll be fine...

Takumi: Let me see. Nope, you're done for today.

Corrin: But I want to keep practicing! This is my chance to learn from you!

Takumi: I said you're done.You can't hit anything with an injury like that. And besides... you'll get other chances.

Corrin: Do you mean that, Takumi? I'd be really grateful for the opportunity. I guess I'll go get this bandaged up...

Takumi: Maybe I pushed her too hard...


Takumi: Hey, what are you doing with that bow? I thought I told you to lay off until your hand heals!

Corrin: Oh, I know. I'm not practicing. I'm just polishing and adjusting the tension. I feel restless not being able to practice.

Takumi: You're really getting into this, aren't you?

Corrin: You know... I am! It was devastatingly hard at first, but you're a good teacher. I do hope I'm coming along fast enough and not just wasting your time.

Takumi: Don't worry, you're not.

Corrin: Really?

Takumi: No. You're actually really talented. And as much as I hate to do this... I have to apologize. I've seen your dedication to Hoshido with my own two eyes. So, please forgive me for doubting you in the first place. I will gladly continue your training as soon as you're ready.

Corrin: Thank you, Takumi. I'm so glad you gave me a chance.

Takumi: You're welcome. Oh, by the way, take this. It's a salve that might help your hand heal faster.

Corrin: Great! I've been dying to get back to work with you.

Takumi: Me too, Corrin.


Corrin: Yes! I finally did it! Did you see that?

Takumi: Heh. Yep, I'm right here.No need to shout.

Corrin: Oh, but I hit the target TEN TIMES in a row! Can you believe it?

Takumi: Of course. Like I said, you're talented! But you still have a lot to learn. Hit the target 100 times in a row, and then I'll get excited. Hit a moving target on the battlefield, and I'll bow down before you.

Corrin: You're right, of course. I have a long road ahead of me.

Takumi: You do, but I'll be there to guide you down the path. Like it or not, you're stuck with me now!

Corrin: You mean it? Thank you, Takumi!

Takumi: You're welcome. Although... there is something else I wanted to talk about...

Corrin: Yes?

Takumi: This... may not be easy to hear. But I have to get it off my chest. I really like you.

Corrin: Oh! That's great to hear. I mean, you seemed to hate me so much at first-

Takumi: No. I LIKE you. Like, I love you.

Corrin: Huh?!

Takumi: I know. I'm sorry. I never meant for this to happen. You know that, right? Remember how surly I was to you?

Corrin: I know, Takumi, but... this isn't...

Takumi: I know that you're thinking, but before you say anything, you should read this.

Corrin: Hm? A letter?

Takumi: Yes. From Queen Mikoto. It... explains the circumstances of your birth. Specifically... it says you are not the child of King Sumeragi.

Corrin: I'm not?! B-but how? What about Sakura?! And Ryoma? Hinoka?

Takumi: Sumeragi was my father, and all theirs as well. But... he wasn't yours.

Corrin: And how long have you had this letter without telling me?

Takumi: The queen gave it to me when you returned to Hoshido, but I only opened it recently. She said to read it if I ever worried about who I was in love with. At the time, it seemed bizarre... but she did have the gift of prophecy. She must have known that someday I would fall in love with you. That it was... fated.

Corrin: Then you're telling the truth...

Takumi: The letter says she brought you to Hoshido as an infant, seeking help. And so Father took her in-and you as well, even knowing you were not his child. Having fallen in love with your mother, he decided he would raise you as his own. But it was not long before he loved you as much as any of us.

Corrin: He did all this-even died for me-knowing I was another man's? Then he WAS my father, whatever my blood. But the question remains... Who was my real father?

Takumi: It...um. It doesn't say.

Corrin: Oh.

Takumi: I'm sorry. I struggled with whether or not to tell you any of this. After all, now that you know, we can never go back to being siblings. But I couldn't simply pretend to be your brother for the rest of my life. Especially not with the way I felt about you. It is shameful, I know.

Corrin: It's all right, Takumi. I'm glad you told me.

Takumi: So... does this change anything? About your feelings toward us, I mean.

Corrin: ...No. In the short time we've spent together, I feel I've gotten to know you all so well. I care for you. We may not be family, but you are all still very precious to me.

Takumi: I can't tell you how relived I am to hear you say that.

Corrin: Although... there is one change. My feelings for you are no longer forbidden. I love you too, Takumi.

Takumi: What?!

Corrin: When you said that you liked me, my heart started racing. But I didn't want it to show because I didn't know about Father. Everything is so confusing.

Takumi: That's right. But in a confusing world, we must cling to the few fragments of truth we share. And the truth is that I love you, Corrin, and you love me. Let's build a future on that.

Corrin: Y-yes. I think you're right. Let's give it a shot! What's the worst that could happen?

Confession Scene:
Takumi: If you were aiming for me heart, you've struck true. This was meant to be...

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