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Hana and Takumi supports are available in Birthright, as well as Revelation. Neither of the characters are available in Conquest.


Hana: Hai...ya! Yaaargh!

Takumi: Hello, Hana.

Hana: Phew... Oh, Lord Takumi!

Takumi: Up early and training already? The sun has barely peeked over the horizon.

Hana: Yep!

Takumi: You haven't changed at all. It seems like you're out training every morning, even if it's freezing!

Hana: Early morning workouts clear my mind! And I feel a special attachment to my sword if I wake and train with it first thing.

Takumi: Hrm. Some sort of connection?

Hana: Yes, it starts to feel like more than just a weapon to me... It becomes a part of my body, like an arm or a leg... It feels natural to wield it.

Takumi: I'm afraid I don't quite get what you're saying...

Hana: I apologize. It's difficult to explain-you really just have to experience it. Oh, I have an idea! What if we train together? That way I can show you. You trained with me a lot back in the old days. It'd be just like that!

Takumi: Uh... Well, that was...

Hana: It was almost every morning, too. I remember! But then one day you suddenly stopped coming, and we've never trained after that. It actually made me kind of sad...

Takumi: ...

Hana: Lord Takumi? Why do you have that look on your face...?

Takumi: No reason. Unfortunately times have changed-I don't have time for idle conversation. I have to go.

Hana: Lord Takumi! ...He's gone. I wonder if there is some reason he stopped training with me...


Hana: Hai ya! Ayah!! Dyaaaaa!!

Takumi: ...

Hana: What the--? Lord Takumi!

Takumi: What?

Hana: What do you mean "What"? You're standing directly behind me while I train, not saying a word!

Takumi: I'm sorry. I didn't want to disturb you. I'll be on my way.

Hana: Hey, wait a minute! I have something to ask you!

Takumi: What is it?

Hana: Why did you suddenly stop training with me? You didn't tell me last time we talked, and I feel like there's something bothering you.

Takumi: you need not worry about it.

Hana: I want to know! I feel like I slighted you somehow, but I can't think of anything!

Takumi: How can you say that? Do you truly not realize what you did?

Hana: I swear I have no idea what you mean. What happened?

Takumi: I remember it as clearly as though it had happened yesterday... Back when we were still training together, Sakura stopped by. Without any prompting, you proposed the idea of dueling with practice swords...

Hana: Uh-huh...

Takumi: It was right after you had become Sakura's retainer, so you were really full of gusto. You probably wanted to prove your fighting ability in front of her. But you didn't hold anything back and beat the living daylights out of me.

Hana: Oh.

Takumi: You see, I wasn't prepared for an actual confrontation. Not because I didn't think you were able; you'd proven yourself as a retainer. But I didn't want to beat up my little sister's friend in front of her. So as soon as you slipped past my relaxed guard, you began beating me in the head. ...Over and over and over.

Hana: Haha, oh no. Did I actually do that?

Takumi: *sigh...* You really don't remember. Anyway, that's why I decided to stop training with you.

Hana: Lord Takumi, I'm very, very sorry...

Takumi: It's fine. We were both kids. I'd best be on my way.

Hana: Urgh... I had no idea...


Hana: Lord Takumi!

Takumi: ...

Hana: Lord Takumi! Lord Takumi! Excuse me. Lord Takumi! Can't you hear me?

Takumi: Yes, I can.

Hana: Then why didn't you answer me?

Takumi: I was pretending not to hear you because I'm busy. I was hoping you would pick up on that.

Hana: Hee hee. You've known me long enough to know that isn't the kind of thing I notice.

Takumi: *sigh...* You're right. So, what is it?

Hana: I'd like to take responsibility for what I did.

Takumi: ...What do you mean?

Hana: I fully accept that I was wrong to beat you up so badly before! To make it up to you, I will help protect you from now on!

Takumi: I don't think it really matters now. It isn't something that bothers me anymore. I only even told you about it when we talked before because you kept asking.

Hana: But it bothers me! And you're Lady Sakura's big brother... I should be protecting you, not beating you up... As a retainer, my behavior was completely unacceptable. I must restore my honor!

Takumi: I guess that's fair, but...

Hana: As an apology for what I did, please let me defend you! Is that...OK?

Takumi: ... Hana.

Hana: Yes?

Takumi: I'll consider us sparring again.

Hana: What?! Why? Didn't you say you had a bad experience? I mean, I beat you to a pulp last time...

Takumi: That won't happen again. I've become much better with the sword. You might be the one getting beat up.

Hana: Lord Takumi...could it be that you are seeking revenge against me?

Takumi: That's not what this is about in the least. You want to protect me, but I'm fine. I have several retainers who are capable of that task. I'd prefer you used all your strength for yourself and my sister.

Hana: I don't understand...

Takumi: I understand your dedication to her. The incident we've been talking about—it was all for Sakura, after all, wasn't it? I could feel your passion in the blows you-repeatedly-landed.

Hana: Sorry...

Takumi: Anyway, you don't need to make up for it. Doing so would just make me feel awkward. ...But I appreciate the sentiment. I mean, that you want to protect me.

Hana: Lord Takumi...

Takumi: Well, keep up the good work protecting Sakura, OK?

Hana: I will! I think that was the first time I've seen him smile in a long time. He asked me to keep up the good work, so I must protect Sakura better than ever!

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