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Hinata and Takumi supports are available in Birthright, as well as Revelation. Since neither characters are playable in Conquest, that is the only exception. For anyone who isn't aware, Hinata acts as one of Takumi's retainers.


Hinata: Hello-ooo! Anybody home?

Takumi: What's with all the racket?! Hinata? Is that you?

Hinata: Lord Takumi, show yourself!

Takumi: *sigh* That's Hinata, all right. Is that any way to address your superiors? "Show yourself"? Seriously?!

Hinata: Sorry. I was just practicing.

Takumi: It sounded like you were trying to pick a fight!

Hinata: Exactly! ...But not with you, of course! I thought it was time we issued a challenge.

Takumi: Huh?

Hinata: Do you remember when we were in that fighting competition together?

Takumi: Is that what this is about? You forgot the part where you fought and I watched. As a member of the royal family, I wasn't allowed to participate.

Hinata: Oh, yeah. Fighting contests were too uncivilized, right? Well, anyway... Remember how I threw down that challenge and beat the snot out of EVERYONE?

Takumi: Shh! Can you keep your voice down? You're my retainer! You can't talk like that!

Hinata: Yes, sir! Sorry, milord. *ahem*

Well, I was thinking we should round up our best fighters and hold another contest. With the war going on, we can't afford to get sloppy! We've gotta stay sharp! We used to take our best swordsmen and have them fight their way up the ranks. I think it's time we do it again!

Takumi: Well, that is an interesting suggestion, but...

Hinata: It's gonna be awesome! Last time, I came out on top, and I'm planning on a repeat! You better get ready, because Hinata is going to BRING IT! ...Well, see ya!

Takumi: Whoa! Wait a minute! We haven't decided anything yet! Come back here, you idiot!


Hinata: Phew! That was easy! I demolished them! That'll teach them to show up on my turf!

Takumi: Your turf? Sheesh, Hinata! I thought we were holding a practice competition.

Hinata: Yeah! But we gotta keep it interesting, right?

Takumi: *sigh* I don't know how I let you talk me into this.

Hinata: Hmm. You look upset. I thought you'd be pleased. I smashed everyone to bits!

Takumi: Hinata, you told me this was a practice competition to help train out fighters. But you obviously had something to prove. This was clearly for your own amusement!

Hinata: What?! No! (Hmm... I see. Lord Takumi isn't ready for the fighting to be over yet. No problem!)

Takumi: What are you muttering about?

Hinata: Nothing! Well, gotta get ready for round two! That was just the beginning! See ya!

Takumi: What?! Hinata, wait! ...Ugh. He can't be serious!


Hinata: Hey, Lord Takumi! Are you ready for the next round of the Hinata Showdown?

Takumi: I'm sorry, but I can't make it this time. I've got a lot of stuff on my plate right now.

Hinata: Really?! That's a bummer! I guess I'll have to call the whole thing off.

Takumi: What?! You can't cancel it!

Hinata: Look, Lord Takumi, I'm only doing this for you! There's no point in knocking the stuffing out of everyone if you can't see it!

Takumi: What do you mean?! You're doing this for me?

Hinata: Lately, they've got you running around in circles-all wound up! I thought you could use a little break!

Takumi: So you set up this whole fighting contest for my entertainment?

Hinata: Yeah. I remembered how happy you looked while you were cheering me on last time. I gave it all I had so I could make you proud! Since you couldn't fight, I figured the next best thing was watching me win!

Takumi: Wow, Hinata. That's surprisingly thoughtful of you.

Hinata: See? I knew it! You loved watching me give those guys a spanking!

Takumi: Well... *ahem* Hinata, things are different now. I have responsibilities... Aww! Who am I kidding?! You know I love watching you slice and dice out there.

Hinata: I'm pretty entertaining, right?

Takumi: Watching you fight the other day was awesome. It took my mind off the war!

Hinata: Sweet! Wait till you hear about my plans for round two of the Hinata Showdown!

Takumi: I'm looking forward to it-and I want to see your best effort, Hinata.

Hinata: You got it!

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