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Hinoka and Takumi supports are available in Birthright, as well as Revelation. Neither of the characters are available in Conquest.


Takumi: Ow! Ow! *groan* How could I be so careless?!

Hinoka: Takumi, are you all right? Those enemies came out of nowhere!

Takumi: *gasp* I-I'm fine.

Hinoka: You don't look fine! That gash in your leg is pretty deep. Try not to move! I can't believe we got separated from the others. Stay here! I'll go get help!

Takumi: No, don't worry about it. I'm fine. Go on ahead. I'll catch up.

Hinoka: I'm not going to abandon you like that!

Takumi: What other choice do we have? If you come back for me, I'll only slow you down! We'll be a prime target. Just leave me! I'll find my way back.

Hinoka: If you think I'd leave my little brother behind, bleeding in the forest, you're crazy!

Takumi: Why do you always have to be so stubborn?!

Hinoka: Seriously?! You're calling ME stubborn?

Takumi: Look. We don't have time for this. Those guys will be back any minute. We'll split up. I'll find my way back on my own. You don't have to keep pretending like you care.

Hinoka: What?! How could you say that?! Takumi, wait! You shouldn't move! You'll make it worse!


Hinoka: Good. You're here. We need to talk!

Takumi: *sigh* This again? Look, it doesn't matter. We were rescued. We're both fine!

Hinoka: I'm so furious with you! I can't believe you'd run off with a wound like that! And how could you say something so horrible? You really think I don't care? You're my little brother. I love you!

Takumi: You'd be better off without me!

Hinoka: Takumi! You can't actually think that's true! Where's all this coming from?

Takumi: Don't act so surprised! I know everyone in the whole army feels that way! They think I'm useless. Next time, leave me behind. I'll figure things out on my own!

Hinoka: Takumi, wait! *sigh* I wish he wasn't so worried about proving himself all the time!


Hinoka: Takumi?

Takumi: Stop right there. I'm not listening to this again! I told you. I've got to prove myself.

Hinoka: The only thing you've proven is that you're an idiot!

Takumi: What?!

Hinoka: You want us to leave you alone. What will you do? Take down the enemy by yourself?

Takumi: Exactly!

Hinoka: Do you know what we call people like you? Rash!

Takumi: What's that supposed to me?

Hinoka: You think you're so brave, but jumping in without a plan is just plain stupid! Maybe we should all go home while you finish the war for us! Is that your idea? Do you really think you can fight all by yourself? You need allies!

Takumi: That's not what I meant!

Hinoka: Oh? I'll tell you something. The way to earn respect is by respecting others! Do you have any idea how the rest of us would feel if something happened to you?! We'd be devastated. Don't you remember how we felt when Corrin was missing?

Takumi: ...Yes.

Hinoka: I can't believe you'd put me through that again! Losing Corrin was devastating. ...Takumi, losing you would break me.

Takumi: Hinoka! I'm not going anywhere.

Hinoka: Good, because we need you with us! You're our brother, Takumi. I don't think you realize how powerful it is to have all of us fighting together!

Takumi: ...You're right. I'm sorry, Hinoka.

Hinoka: That's OK. Just promise me you'll never say something that absurd ever again.

Takumi: I promise.

Hinoka: Aww, there's the little brother I know and love. I'll always be there for you, Takumi.

Takumi: I'll be there for you too.

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