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Jakob and Takumi supports are available in Birthright, as well as Revelation. Since only Jakob playable in Conquest, the support is not available in that route.


Takumi: Hello, Jakob. Would you be able to do a favor for me?

Jakob: Prince Takumi. What is it you need of me?

Takumi: I need some assistance in my training, and I thought you'd be just the person to help.

Jakob: Me? Why? There must be others much more suitable for you to train with...

Takumi: Because it seems like you can keep a secret. I want to do some special training, but I would rather others not know about it.

Jakob: I see... You would prefer people only see the result of your hard work, and not the work itself.

Takumi: N-no! That's not what I meant! Though I suppose, if you wanted to put it simply... That isn't incorrect.

Jakob: Hm. In any case, it seems you have a few misconceptions about me. You should know I am very, very bad at keeping secrets. Even small ones. Granted, I will happily keep all of Lady Corrin's secrets until I die... But that courtesy is not extended to anyone else.

Takumi: I suppose I cannot trust you to see me train in private, then...

Jakob: I apologize, Prince Takumi. I am completely dedicated to Lady Corrin. Also, you seem to have mistaken me for an accomplished fighter. I am a simple butler. If you want to refine your skills in making tea, though...

Takumi: Now you're just lying! I've seen you fight on the battlefield.

Jakob: Of course-I will defend my liege to the end of time. That said, training with others is not exactly in my job description.

Takumi: You say that, but I'm starting to suspect you're just not willing to make the effort.

Jakob: My apologies. The duties and requirements of a butler are numerous. I must dedicate all of my time to them.

Takumi: Hrmph. Fine! I'll keep in mind that you cannot be relied upon in these matters.

Jakob: Thank you for understanding, Prince Takumi.


Takumi: And...loose.

Jakob: Ah, Prince Takumi. I see you are practicing your archery today.

Takumi: Indeed. Alone.

Jakob: It seems odd for you to point that out. After all, you did say you wanted to train without anyone knowing you were here.

Takumi: Yes, but... No, never mind. If you aren't here to help, then you can leave.

Jakob: I have a question for you, Prince Takumi.

Takumi: *sigh* What?

Jakob: What is it you expected me to do to help you train? It seems like all I would be able to do is sit and watch you fire arrows at targets.

Takumi: With help I could do some different kinds of training. You really are pretty self-centered and lazy, you know that?

Jakob: Just another of your misconceptions, Prince Takumi. I simply prioritize Lady Corrin over all others-as I should, being her retainer.

Takumi: But to the complete exclusion of all others? That's not something to be proud of! Anyway, you're not planning to just hand around all day, right? You're distracting.

Jakob: Actually, Lady Corrin asked me to help you with your training. Since it was a direct request form her, I happily obey.

Takumi: Really? Well then... You can help by standing over here.

Jakob: Just know that Lady Corrin only asked me to help with your training and that's all. I will not do anything that doesn't directly relate to your practice.

Takumi: You're incredibly difficult to work with.

Jakob: That's just a matter of opinion. Lady Corrin doesn't complain.

Takumi: *sigh* Fine. Just sit over there.

Jakob: Understood. I'm glad to be of service.

Takumi: Now put this apple on your head.

Jakob: P-Prince Takumi?! I don't see how this-

Takumi: You're helping with my archery training. This will help me practice discipline. While it's tempting to aim a little lower, I must fight that impulse and hit my target. You can refuse, of course, but I'll inform Corrin that you weren't helpful.

Jakob: I... OK.

Takumi: Don't worry! I haven't messed this shot up yet. Though that could mean I'm due to make a mistake...

Jakob: Urgh... Maybe I could have been a bit nicer...


Takumi: Hello, Jakob. Will you be able to help me with my training again?

Jakob: Of course, Prince Takumi. Though I may not enjoy it, I cannot risk you telling Lady Corrin anything negative.

Takumi: Hahaha! At least I know how you feel about helping, then.

Jakob: I have to ask, though... Don't you think you have practiced enough already?

Takumi: What do you mean?

Jakob: You're known to be one of the best archers ever. What more do you have to prove?

Takumi: Others may think of me that way, but I'm not satisfied with my skill. I know I can still become stronger, and I know others will recognize me for it.

Jakob: It's approval you seek, then...

Takumi: You know exactly what I'm talking about, don't you?

Jakob: I do, but I abandoned that desire a long, long time ago. I grew up.

Takumi: Hey, what are you trying to say?

Jakob: I apologize, Prince Takumi. I mean that you still have some growing to do... I'm not good at dealing with those younger than myself.

Takumi: I'm not that much younger than you are!

Jakob: That may be true, but there is a certain wisdom that comes with age. I do not think you have yet found that wisdom.

Takumi: Grrr... Just you wait! I'll prove that you're wrong!

Jakob: I look forward to it, Prince Takumi.

Takumi: OK, enough stalling! I need to burn off this energy with some training.

Jakob: Very well. Let's get to it. What do you say to an accuracy competition instead of regular training? I don't think I'll be able to hold back. Are you ready for me to give it my all?

Takumi: Of course! Bring it on!

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