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Kagero and Takumi supports are available in Birthright, as well as Revelation. Neither of the characters are available in Conquest.


Takumi: Curses! Another failed attempt... I was so close, too. Why is hunting so challenging for me?

Kagero: Is something troubling you, Lord Takumi?

Takumi: Gah! Kagero?! You're going to scare me to death, sneaking around like that...

Kagero: My apologies. ...Something is the matter though, correct?

Takumi: Oh, yes. I was out hunting with my bow and arrow, but as I prepared to strike... The deer realized I was there and quickly fled into the brush.

Kagero: I'm sorry to hear that. You seem to have no issues on the battlefield.

Takumi: I'm confident when we are engaging the enemy, but I can't get the hang of hunting. The more I think about it, the worse I seem to get. I just can't figure out my problem.

Kagero: Could it be that the animals are sensing your presence?

Takumi: What do you mean?

Kagero: Animals are extremely sensitive to human movement and scents. It's possible that you are simply not doing enough to hide yourself from them.

Takumi: Then... could you teach me, Kagero?

Kagero: I'm not sure...

Takumi: It seems like stealth comes naturally to you. After all, just a moment ago you popped up and scared me so bad I peed a little.

Kagero: ...Understood. I will assist you to the best of my ability.

Takumi: Thanks.


Kagero: Lord Takumi, when it comes to hiding you presence...

Takumi: Mmhmm?

Kagero: There isn't a single school of thought for how to learn to do it.

Takumi: What do you mean? How do I learn, then?

Kagero: It really depends on your demeanor. If I had to pick a single, critical trait, I'd say patience is very important.

Takumi: What's wrong with my patience?

Kagero: This may be presumptuous of me, but it could be a factor while you are in hiding. Perhaps you grow a little impatient waiting for your target to offer an opening?

Takumi: Hrm...

Kagero: The slightest sound or scent may be alerting them to your presence. Hiding requires patience and endurance. We must build your mental stamina in order for you to develop patience.

Takumi: It had to be patience, didn't it...

Kagero: Lord Takumi, are you a skilled fisherman?

Takumi: Not in the least-I can't bear standing around, waiting for something to happen.

Kagero: I am not surprised. I believe that we must start with the very basic of basics, then.

Takumi: What would you have me do?

Kagero: First, you'll sit cross-legged under a waterfall. Once you can handle that, we'll move on to the next step.

Takumi: Ugh, I hate water-related training. It's always about staying in the water and doing as little as possible.

Kagero: ...

Takumi: Isn't there something else we could try that lets me move around? Something where I can build muscle and perfect skill at the same time?

Kagero: Lord Takumi, if I may be so bold...

Takumi: Y-yes?

Kagero: Lord Ryoma once asked me to him as you have asked me to help you. He carried out the training regimen I designed without a question or complaint. In the end, he gained mental strength.

Takumi: ...

Kagero: Lord Ryoma is a calm and virtuous leader. I believe this is because he examined himself and confronted his faults.

Takumi: But--!

Kagero: If you are no longer interested in improving yourself, I will not force you to do so. However, if you do not continue, I do not believe you will ever surpass Lord Ryoma. I know it is not my place to say such things, but I wish you would persist. Think on what I've said. For now, I will take my leave.

Takumi: Wait, Kagero! ... I have to take a good look at myself, huh...


Takumi: Kagero!

Kagero: Lord Takumi...

Takumi: Kagero, I did as you suggested! I sat under the waterfall for a long time!

Kagero: Indeed. I was watching from the shadows.

Takumi: Oh, you were? You should have spoken up!

Kagero: It was important not to disrupt your concentration. You did well. I didn't think you would be so tenacious.

Takumi: To be honest, it got under my skin when you compared me to my brother. Of course, I respect him greatly, but... It just gets to me when people blow me off and say I'm not capable of as much.

Kagero: I apologize for offending you.

Takumi: Don't worry-I know you only brought him up to try and motivate me. In the end it worked, so I think it was all for the best. I feel like I've become a more patient individual.

Kagero: I believe you are correct, Lord Takumi. I can sense the change in you.

Takumi: Really?!

Kagero: However, you cannot afford to slack off. Just as continuous training builds a body, the same can be said for the mind.

Takumi: I understand. I'm going to keep this up and show everyone I'm my brother's equal! Thanks for everything, Kagero.

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