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The name 'Takumi' () is Japanese in origin. The name is written in Kanji, and can roughly mean 'great ocean', 'open sea'. The kanji in his name is split into two characters. Translates roughly into 'expand, open, or pioneer', while translates roughly into 'sea or ocean'.

The reason for this naming remains relatively unclear for me. If there is some sort of philosophy around it, I am unfortunately unaware. On the other hand, Takumi does not seem to have any clear connections to the ocean or water in general.

If you really want to make a stretch, you can try and link it to his divine weapon: the Fujin Yumi. The Fujin Yumi is actually named after a Shinto deity that is associated with Storms. Storms on the ocean are particularly violent and dangerous to those who travel, they cause destruction in their wake. This could possibly be reflected in Takumi's actions in Conquest. He essentially becomes a violent storm of anger and hatred, all focused towards Nohr. He also becomes dangerous in Birthright under similar circumstances (possession), and doesn't discriminate in whom he harms. Much like a violent storm.

It's a bit of a stretch, but it's always fun to speculate. If anyone happens to have any suggestions or comments to contribute to this section, I am more than happy to hear them.

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