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Oboro and Takumi supports are available in Birthright, as well as Revelation. Neither of the characters are available in Conquest.


Takumi: Can I talk to you, Oboro?

Oboro: Lord Takumi! Did you need something?

Takumi: Last time I was in town, I happened into a big clothing store. Trying a few things on reminded me of how you coordinated my last ceremonial outfit. Everyone complimented me on my style at the time. And I remembered that I never thanked you for that, so... thanks.

Oboro: Oh... you're too kind, Lord Takumi! But selecting outfits is all part of the job of a retainer. Just say the word, and I'll gladly tailor an outfit for you anytime.

Takumi: Really? You can do that too?

Oboro: Of course! Tailoring runs in my family. Though I'm the only one left...

Takumi: Oboro...

Oboro: Sorry! I didn't mean to get mopey. But yeah, bandits killed my parents a while back. I don't think much about the family business these days.

Takumi: You're not harboring some secret desire to become a fashion maven? You don't have to lie about it just because you're my retainer.

Oboro: I would never lie to my Lord! I'm happy enough serving you, and I mean that. Now, if I said I had no interest in fashion at all, THAT would be a lie. But I get a thrill out of hearing people say how good I am at selecting your clothes. It shows I haven't lost my touch at making people look good!

Takumi: Well, wait, you make it sound like I don't look good at a time.

Oboro: N-no! That's not what I meant at all! Lord Takumi is the picture of elegance! Very few are innately noble enough to carry off such splendor!

Takumi: ...OK, it sounds fake when you overdo it like that.

Oboro: I'm just telling it like it is! I'm satisfied with whatever I can do to make you look even more dashing.

Takumi: Well... if you say so. I'll need your help again someday, Oboro. Once everything settles down and I have the opportunity to wear something nice.

Oboro: I'd love to help! I've got so many ideas...

Takumi: I'll look forward to seeing what you can come up with.


Oboro: Aha! Lord Takumi!

Takumi: Hi, Oboro.

Oboro: Quick question about your ceremonial outfit for after the war's over: What do you think of this fabric?

Takumi: You're planning it already? That's a very early start...

Oboro: Hey, I don't take favors personally requested by my lord lightly. Plus, I like thinking about the future, when the war's over. It gives me fuzzy feelings. Not to mention all eyes would be on any outfit worn to a postwar ceremony. You can call it an early start, but I'm already worried I don't have enough time!

Takumi: In that case, let's see this fabric. Hmm... this looks perfect to me. I like the texture, and the sheen on it. It gets the Takumi seal of approval.

Oboro: Great! Now that the fabric's decided, I'll get back to you on the color.

Takumi: Please do.

Oboro: ...

Takumi: Hm? You fell silent all of a sudden.

Oboro: Oh, uh... it's nothing.

Takumi: Were you thinking about your parents? Does it make you sad working on clothes, since they were tailors too?

Oboro: Oh, that's not it. I mean, yes, I was thinking about my parents, but... I thought that my parents would be proud to see me fitting Hoshidan royalty...

Takumi: I'm sure they're both smiling down on their daughter from above.

Oboro: I hope so. Heh, it's weird, though.

Takumi: What is?

Oboro: It's just very unlike you to shower praise on people. In fact, I don’t know if I've ever seen you be this kind to anyone! What's next? Will foxes start sitting on hens' eggs?

Takumi: Is that really how I...

Oboro: Hahaha, I was kidding! I'll accept your compliments in the spirit you meant them.

Takumi: Hrmph...


Takumi: Oboro.

Oboro: Lord Takumi? Oh, is this about your outfit?

Takumi: What makes you think that?

Oboro: I'm your retainer. I know your moods pretty well by now.

Takumi: I'm impressed... or I would be, if I actually was coming to you about my outfit.

Oboro: You weren't? Then what's this about?

Takumi: I've been boasting about your talent for fashion lately... And I've had many requests to get you to coordinate an outfit.

Oboro: R-really?

Takumi: What do you think? Will you take on the work?

Oboro: Heck yes! I'd love to!

Takumi: I thought you might. I'll collect the details and pass them along next time I see you. Are you excited?

Oboro: Y-yes! But what made you tell everyone about me?

Takumi: You mentioned your interest in fashion. You also said that you were perfectly happy working for me. So I thought I'd arrange things so you could do both at once... You'd still be my retainer while taking on tailoring work in your free time.

Oboro: Lord Takumi... I never knew you cared. This is more than I could have dreamed of!

Takumi: Isn't it normal to care about your subjects' well-being? If you don't like the idea, I can always tell everyone you're too busy.

Oboro: No no no! I'd be delighted! Thank you so much, Lord Takumi.

Takumi: You're very welcome.

Oboro: I'm so lucky to be your retainer. It's an honor to have such a kind master.

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