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Takumi has many facets to his personality, some good and some bad as is the way with many characters. To the average person, he puts on a strong outer appearance that reflects his position in his country and army. Takumi is a very proud individual, and very headstrong in situations of combat. He can read combat situations, and react accordingly. Takumi takes his position in the army and as a prince very seriously, and is often very busy with his duties. Though he doesn't enjoy affairs such as banquets (at first), he will attend anyways because it is his duty to do so. Among his family members, Takumi is the most skilled at the strategy game Shogi and shows great promise in tactical situations. Takumi also takes great pride in his abilities as an archer, and in combat. He practices archery diligently in order to hone his skills, despite already being the best archer in the Hoshidan army.

Takumi has a great deal of love for his family, and the people close to him. He enjoys spending time with his retainers, Hinata and Oboro, and loves to spar with his brother, Ryoma. To those who are close to him, he can be a total softie. He also loosens up with people he is familiar with, and will occasionally break out the sarcasm and quips. He cares very much about the happiness of the people around him, and considers their wants and needs. This can be seen for example in his support conversations with Oboro. When Oboro misses her work as a seamstress, Takumi takes it upon himself to find individuals who want to commission garments from her. Since Oboro has such a love for fashion, this makes her very happy.

Takumi can be rational at times, but he is a character that is relatively quick to anger. How he reacts after an outburst depends on each individual situation. When Takumi angers, but ultimately finds himself at fault, he will admit to this fact and seek to rectify the situation. We can see this in his support conversations with Felicia. He runs into her and messes up all of the clean laundry that she had been working on. Although he scolds her for not watching where she was going, he also takes responsibility and helps clean the now-dirty laundry. If he doesn't see himself at fault, then he won't be handing out apologies. Takumi has a bit of a stubborn streak, but with enough persistence he will relent.

At the beginning of the game Takumi harbors a deep prejudice against Nohrian people, especially the royal family. This prejudice likely stems from the murder of his father, and the kidnapping of young Corrin. These events happened when Takumi was still very young, and probably had a huge effect on his views of Nohr as he was growing up. These events changed him, just as they changed and shaped his siblings. The resentment he felt when he was young grew into a prejudice, that can be irrational at times.

Takumi is also very distrusting of outsiders, likely because of similar reasons. When Corrin returns to Hoshido, Takumi is quick to state his displeasure, and has no desire to get to know Corrin at all. However, during the Birthright route Takumi is able to overcome this double-whammy of prejudice of Corrin and accept him/her as a member of the family. To Takumi, actions (especially those on the battlefield) speak much louder than words.

If the player chooses to take the Conquest route, however, things only get worse and worse for poor Takumi. His prejudice and fears (now stronger than ever because of Corrin's betrayal, and Mikoto's death) are taken advantage of, and he becomes possessed and constrained by that hatred. At the end of the route Corrin is eventually able to free Takumi's soul and body, and he admits that he had truly wanted to be a family with Corrin. Takumi see's Corrin off and says a final goodbye, and the animosity between them is forgotten.

To anyone on the outside, it might be difficult to tell that Takumi actually has deep insecurities about himself. Takumi has a deeply rooted inferiority complex, and constantly strives to become stronger so that he may be useful to his siblings and his country. He believes that he isn't good enough in many areas of his life, and his motivations to become stronger reflect the desire to become someone that he himself views as useful. Lucky for Takumi, he is able to overcome his fears and prejudice in Revelation and Birthright, and even makes an unlikely friend in Leo in Revelation.

Takumi often seeks approval and attention from his family members, likely as a result of his inferiority complex. His siblings have seen him at both his best and his worst. He finds happiness when he is finally able to best Ryoma in a dual, but despairs or angers when the situation does not go the way he would like. In his support conversation with Hinoka, Takumi pleads with her to leave him behind because he is injured and would only slow her down. He values the lives of his siblings far more than he values himself. Obviously, his siblings love him and would never leave him behind. But because Takumi views himself as less than them, he doesn't think twice about suggesting that they should leave him behind.

Takumi is all of this and even more, so this page will continue to be updated when more thoughts occur to me. He really has so many facets, that it is difficult to organize them all in my mind. So please look forward to more in the future.

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