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Silence and Blood

Takumi's appearance is relatively limited in this path because of the large number of characters present, so this section is smaller than the previous paths. When the player decides to play Revelations, this means that they do not choose to side with Hoshido or Nohr. There is no additional dialogue from Takumi during this point. But when you attempt to return to Hoshido to explain your actions, it is revealed that Takumi was captured by Nohr and that Ryoma is missing. Takumi is later found and released in Chapter 10 after you defeat the Nohrian mage Zola, who had been disguised as Izana.

After learning that Sakura has decided to fight alongside Corrin, Takumi notes that Ryoma would be devastated. Sakura implores Takumi to trust that Corrin has a reason for not picking a side. He does not know at this time that the dragon Anankos is using King Garon in an attempt to bring every kingdom to ruin. Takumi however, is less than convinced my their vague explanation. Corrin is unable to elaborate, because there is a curse in place that does not allow people to talk about Valla, the kingdom that exists beneath the bottomless canyon and where Anankos dwells. If you were to speak of it outside, you would vanish from the world.

Takumi does not believe them, but the real Izana quickly steps in and explains that Takumi has it wrong. Izana also cannot explain why, but tells Takumi that he should join with Corrin. Izana explains that this is what the gods have told him through his gift of prophecy. Takumi doesn't seem impressed with this explanation, but is visibly conflicted. Takumi is grateful that Corrin helped to save him, but he is unable to trust someone who turned away from his own country.

In order to convince Takumi, Izana speaks a prophecy to Takumi. Takumi wants to know who is the enemy, and is pretty confused by the situation. Izana goes to further commune with an ancient god, and receives the message for Corrin to 'meet with the dragon'. Unfortunately, this prophecy costs Izana his life. In his lasts moments, he threatens to haunt Takumi forever if he doesn't help Corrin. Takumi decides to oblige Izana's dying wish, and joins Corrin and her group in their fight against Anankos.

In Chapter 11, the group arrives in Cyrkensia. They are horrified to discover that the city is falling apart, as if a large battle had taken place. They run into Kaden and Keaton, who explain that the city was falling apart on its own. Takumi then informs the group that Ryoma and Xander are facing off with each other outside of the city.

Both sides believe that the other is responsible for the damage, and they are fighting over who broke the treaty. Corrin and her group are then able to take down the true perpetrators, and eventually gains the alliance of Ryoma and Xander (though he takes a while longer) in the following chapters. At this point, Corrin is joined by both royal families. When Leo joins the group, Takumi makes an off comment that Leo was definitely going to be trouble. Leo echoes his statements, but about Takumi.

Takumi's role in the next chapters is kept to a minimum, though he often will state his opinion or advice on matters. In Chapter 20, he nearly falls off of a collapsing bridge that is an obstacle in the coming battle, but Leo is able to grab his hand and save him from falling (shipping ensues). Things are pretty much like this for the rest of the story. Takumi is present to add a line or two of commentary, but unlike in previous routes he does not play a huge part in the story. Though like in Birthright, the Fujin Yumi along with the other three blessed weapons will join with Corrin's Yato to form the Omega Yato.

The battle against Anankos is long and lasts for multiple stages. Takumi can participate in the final battle of the player chooses to include him. After the battle is done and Anankos is defeated, but sets of royals come together to create a peace treaty and alliance between their nations. The final cutscene involves both groups, and even shows Takumi being friendly with Leo. A testament to how far things have come. Hoshido and Nohr begin recovery efforts, and the game ends.

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