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Sakura and Takumi supports are available in Birthright, as well as Revelation. Neither of the characters are available in Conquest.


Sakura: U-um... Takumi... can I talk to you about... the banquet?

Takumi: So you're dreading it too? Well, don't get any bright ideas. We can't exactly skip out.

Sakura: I know! And they won't cancel. It's one of Hoshido's longest-running traditions!

Takumi: What I don't get is why we're holding a party when there's a war going on!

Sakura: I just get s-so n-nervous talking to people...

Takumi: Yeah, I never know what to say at these things. Everyone's so stiff! I wish we could leave all this highfalutin stuff to someone else, but we can't.

Sakura: We'd just look irresponsible.

Takumi: You know, Sakura, what we need is a plan.


Takumi: So did you come up with any brilliant strategies for surviving the party?

Sakura: All I;ve got is "act the part, and h-hope for the best..."

Takumi: Wow... that's really optimistic of you. Think we could pull that off? I was thinking more along the lines of fake a fever and hide out in the infirmary... ...Or set all the guests' hair on fire and run for cover.

Sakura: Maybe we should ask Azura for suggestions...?

Takumi: And what's she going to do? Tell me not to act like a jerk? We've gotta handle this on our own.

Sakura: All right... It's just, we're running out of time... and I'm r-really scared!

Takumi: Leave it to me, Sakura. I'll think of something.


Sakura: *sigh* Whew! I'm so glad the banquet's over!

Takumi: Ha ha! Me too. I guess we survived without a plan after all! I panicked and started talking everyone's ear off... and they lapped it up!

Sakura: I know! They loved us. A lady told me she hopes her daughter turns out like me!

Takumi: Yeah, all we needed to do was make an effort. Who knew?!

Sakura: I actually enjoyed meeting everyone and hearing their stories.

Takumi: It's important for us to be accessible. Sakura, you and I make a good team.

Sakura: Thanks, Takumi. We'll keep working together for the good of Hoshido!

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