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Name: Takumi
Loyalty: Hoshido
Starting Class: Archer
Family: King Sumeragi (Father), Queen Mikoto (Mother), Ryoma (Older Brother), Hinoka (Older Sister), Corrin/Avatar (Older Brother/Sister), Sakura (Younger Sister)
Favorite Food: Miso Soup
Hobbies: Reading History books, or playing Shogi
Seiyuu: Yuki Kaji

Takumi is the second prince of the country Hoshido. He is fiercely loyal to his family, comrades, and to his country. Takumi isn't usually found with a smile on his face, as smiles are reserved for his family and closest companions. He often appears to be unapproachable and cold towards people he isn't familiar with (or is untrusting of), but he is very caring and protective of those that he trusts. He is brave in combat, and strives to be the best possible soldier that he can. This is in order to protect, and fight alongside his older brother Ryoma. His subordinates and the soldiers of Hoshido see Takumi as an incredible individual who is unmatched in his archery abilities. He is seen as an unwavering force of strength to those around him.

But Takumi actually has a rather large inferiority complex, and seeks attention often. He has deep rooted fears that he is useless, and will never be able to live up to his family's standards. He fears that he is simply overlooked and sometimes just forgotten, although this is clearly not the case. He deeply loves his family, but doubts his own place within it. On top of this, Takumi also has a short temper. He sometimes gets worked up over simple things, such as one using his name without permission. But when he is wrong, he always comes around and apologizes. He also lacks the maturity of his older siblings, and doesn't handle jokes or teasing aimed at him very well.

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