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The layout you are currently viewing was made 100% in adobe photoshop cs2. The layout was also sliced in photoshop, then the html and css edited in notepad. The textures i used came from the fantastic resource site, Shizoo. The images i used came from google images, and Disney's official homepage for TRON: Legacy. This layout was designed in a high resolution, but i tried to make it compatible for lower ones, i hope that worked. The layout is compatible with firefox, chrome, and internet explorer for sure, although i do not know about other browsers. However, i did use browser shots to get an idea of how it does in other browsers, and for the most part things looked fine. Hmmm, the inspiration for this layout came to me after the 3rd time i went to see the movie. It's nice and simple, but not boring. I was pretty happy with how it turned out, although i feel like i could have done more with the css.

Little disclaimer, obviously i don't own TRON: Legacy. Nor do i claim to. This is a non-profit fansite, and no infringement is intended.