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. . . To Cloaked Schemer, the TheFanlisting.org & AnimeFanlistings.com approved fanlisting for the character Zexion from Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (+RE:COM), and the Chain of Memories manga series. If you happen to be a fan of Zexion, please consider joining. If you don't know what a fanlisting is, simply head on over to that section of the site. A huge, huge thank you to Aya for letting me adopt the fanlisting part of the site. I am forever grateful! ♥ Cloaked Schemer also houses the first, and one of the largest Zexion fansites on the web! Although the content needs some re-working, there still is some good stuff to read.

Navigation can be found above. The 'Zexion' tab takes you to the content portion of the fansite. The 'Media' tab takes you to digital goodies such as icons. The 'Fanlisting' tab (obviously) takes you to the fanlisting. The 'Site' tab takes you to the exit and technical pages. And finally, the 'Index' tab brings you back here. This layout was designed for google chrome, but has been tested in firefox and internet explorer. It was designed for a higher resolution, so i apologise if it appears large on your screen. If you have any problems navigating through the site email me, and i will attempt to fix the problem asap.

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12/9/2010: The site is getting a long overdue revamp! I hope you all like it. I will try to work on the content as well, and include new information about Zexion´┐Żs somebody, Ienzo from Birth by Sleep. These changes may be done quickly, or they may take more time. I cannot promise a certain deadline, but hopefully most things will be reworked by the new year. Later: Derp. Added 3 new sections, Ienzo, nobodies, and Organization XIII. I also took the liberty of cleaning up some content, spell-check, ect. Other pages such as Basic, and relationships have been updated with more content as well. Enjoy!

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